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Part# 12-01014
MFR Model# E25


The Aircraft Timing Indicator Model E25 is a unique device that locates the relative relationships between the crankshaft, magneto point openings, camshaft and valve timing.

Easily attached to the propeller spinner with mounting bands that are included with the unit, the E25 quickly and accurately (within degree!) locates top dead center. The result: the all-aluminum Model E25 speeds up and improves the process of timing magnetos to the engine.

With its easy-to-read dial and 18mm, hardened aluminum piston stop, the E25 is a snap to use.

Note: Piston Stop is included.


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Made timing much easier, especially on the old continentals where the timing marks line up on the bottom of the case. Would suggest putting a rag over spinner, the sharp aluminum left small scratches the first time I used it.

Michael P
October 20, 2017

Works like a champ! Simple easy to use. Simple, easy to follow instructions come with it.

Carl S
June 4, 2017

Another great easy to use product for what has always been a issue. Would be great (5 stars) if it came with two extra lugs to allow it to be used on a three bladed prop. Was easy to convert now mine does two and three bladed props real easy

Rory H
February 10, 2018


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Q: What is the diameter of the "pot" where it meets up with the spinner? Thanks!

Per vendor: Approx 4-3/4"

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