Bogert Aviation Tire Bead Breaker

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Part# 12-16790
MFR Model# 13M-TBB


The Tire Bead Breaker was designed for smaller tires as found on light aircraft. The Tire Bead Breaker is used to break the bead or bond between the tire and wheel with little effort and without doing damage to the expensive cast wheels.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Reduce risk of damaging expensive cast wheels
  • Fits small tail wheels
  • Fits large tires found on corporate cabin aircraft
  • Works on tube and tubeless tires
  • Can also be used on automotive, motorcycle, trailer, go karts and ATV tires
  • Made in the USA


  • Saves time
  • Promotes safety
  • Protects wheel from damage
  • Protects tire from damage
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Excellent product.

Miguel A
November 28, 2019

I have changed a lot of tires over the years and used a variety of techniques to break the bead. This is a simple but elegant solution. The guys at Bogert make good stuff.

Eric L
April 20, 2017

This thing is really not great. Looks like $50 of flimsy weld work that Harbor Freight would be embarrassed to sell. The jaw that grabs the tire sidewall isn’t sharp enough to bite properly and the horizontal legs on the unit are so short that it could flip over and hit you in the face if you’re not careful about how you apply force to the bead breaking lever. Not an impressive unit for the price.

Kenneth L Verified Purchase


September 20, 2023


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Q: Will this Bogert Tire Bead Breaker (Part # 12-16790)work for 5.00-5 RV tires?

Yes, this will work for 5.00-5 RV tires.

Q: How big of a rim tire can it do?

Per the manufacturer: we do not have an exact size. It should work for almost all GA applications but it would not work for jets or larger aircraft.

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