Accugage Professional Tire Gauge

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Part# 13-00437
MFR Model# RH60X


This very accurate bourdon tube tire gauge offers precision pressure control and a rugged steel case with rubber shock-absorbing cover. It comes complete with a 12" long flexible braided hose, a bleeder valve, and stop hand. It is easy to read the pressure on this 2" gauge with 1" psi markings and 60 lb. range. Excellent for use on aircraft tires as well as cars and trucks.
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Works well. Wish everything wasnt exclusively made in China...

Allen C Verified Purchase


September 29, 2021

Excellent tire pressure gauge. Very easy to use.

Steven M
April 19, 2020

Accu Gage has always made a quality product Ive had one for years and are second to none right on the button for the amount of air you want in your tires or whatever it is youre putting it in thank you so much and your staff is wonderful to Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Lydell Hirsch

Lionel H
December 20, 2018

Aircraft Spruce has the best customer service experience of any company that I have dealt with.

October 24, 2018

Does not hold pressure as advertised when removed from stem!!

Ben S Verified Purchase


September 16, 2021

I was measuring a tire pressure at 20psig, within the middle third of the gauge range. The gauge read 15psig. As I increased the measured pressure to 31 the gauge became more accurate but still low by 1psig. I have owned an Accugage Tire Gauge 0-60 for 30-years so that is why I was looking for this specific gauge. Unfortunately it does not match the quality of the older in any way. This is not the gauge for lower pressure tires.

John C Verified Purchase


May 27, 2021


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Q: Does this item come with a calibration certificate?

No, this does not come with the calibration cards.

Q: When removed from the tire, does it hold the pressure reading until the push-button valve is pressed?

Yes, the unit does hold the pressure.

Q: How much does this gauge weigh?

Per the vendor, it is less than 1 lb.

Q: How long is the metal tip that connects to the tire valve? I need to fill tires through a hole in the wheel fairing.

It is 1-7/8" long.

Q: What is the accuracy +-? how many PSI?

This one is a 3:2:3 ansi grade b gauge. + or - 3% full scale in the first and final third, and + or - 2% in the middle third. Those numbers are percentages of full scale value.

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