Air Wave Vortex Generator

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Part# 05-04662
MFR Model# AIRWAVE-100


It has been know for some time now that vortex generators reduce stall speeds and improve the aircraft’s handling performance. Vortex generators allow the wing to develop more lift and lower airspeeds. This reduces takeoff speed and improves the rate of climb. Vortex Generators also retain positive aileron control and enhance your rudder authority in higher angles of attack. You will immediately notice an improvement in your aircraft.

As air normally flows over the wing of an aircraft in flight, the air "sticks" to the surface of the wing. This adherence to the wing's surface produces lift. If the airflow loses its adherence and separates from the wing, aircraft performance can suffer in the form of increased drag, loss of lift and higher fuel consumption.

Researchers at NASA Langley Research Center developed Micro Vortex Generators to control this flow detachment by producing miniature, controlled tornadoes, called "vortices". The Micro Vortex Generators sweep away uncontrolled airflow separation over the airplane's wings and flaps with the benefit of reduced drag and increased lift (i.e., less engine power needed to produce the same lift).

Micro Vortex Generators technology contributed to performance and safety improvements as well as cost and noise reduction for the domestic aerospace industry. Its relatively simple design and ease of installation make Micro Vortex Generators one of the most cost-effective means of aircraft safety and performance enhancement.

The kit contains 100pcs which is enough to do the wings. They are made from a durable poly carbonate clear material with UV protective additive. The kit comes with the instructions of where and how to attach them. The only other thing you will need is the glue.

Approximate Dimensions: 1" Length x 3/8" Width x 3/8" Max Height
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Kgmo I Verified Purchase


May 2, 2023

Next plane is a Quad City Challenger 2 long wing. Put these on during the build. Wings are the standard PolyFiber polyester build through PolyTone top coat. VGs on the wings, both sides of the rudder at the hinge line, and the bottom of the vertical stabilizers at the hinge line. Excellent slow-speed stability. Highly recommend these.

Phill S
June 11, 2021

Put a set of these on an Aerolite 103 which has Dacron sailcloth wing covers. Used JB Weld PlasticWeld and have not lost one in the ten flight hours they have so far. Took not quite two hours to install them. I dont have hard numbers, but no-flaps climb-outs feel a shade slower. Might just be the weather getting hotter. Where these really shine, though, is on final with full flaps. Im landing 8 MPH slower and these things make the wings stick to the descent like glue. Very impressive improvement. Highly recommended. Will definitely put them on the next plane.

Phill S
June 16, 2019

Installed these on a QuadCity Challenger2 short wing. They work great, made the aircraft very stable in stol operations.

December 22, 2017

I bought a set of these and put them on the wings of my RV-7, they worked perfectly. My airplane stalled around 60 mph and would depart flight by one wing dropping. With these vg’s it would not stall. At a 45 degree angle and 1000 rpm it was backing down very slowly 50 mph. It never tried to stall, one wing would burble a little and with a minimum of control input it would stop the burble. I checked the top speed and it did not effect it at all. At 183 mph they started to blow off the wing. They were attached with carpet tape. Trust me, carpet tape want hold up at 183 mph. Good product. I have ordered another set to replace the ones that blew off. Loctite 401 this time.

October 8, 2017

These VGs work very well for the price when placed in the correct position the down side is when left in the sun for prolonged periods they get brittle and break off very easily. My suggestion is to paint them to protect them first before installing

Michael P
March 26, 2023

They had molding tabs still on the vgs that you have to remove with a razor knife. It adds work to installing the vgs. Vgs are fine after that.

Harlan P Verified Purchase


March 30, 2022

I put these on my Pelican Pl turbo, they work great but the only problem I encountered is the sun, they get brittle and break off so you have to replace them

Michael P
August 24, 2021


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Q: Can these air wave vortex generators be applied to certified aircraft?

No, these are intended for use on experimental aircraft only.

Q: Can these air wave vortex generators be installed on a fabric covered wing?

Per the supplier: Yes. That is mainly what we install them on.

Q: Does this kit come with a pattern for easy application? In other words, is there something that sticks to the wing and tail to tell me precisely where to put the VG's or do I have to measure each one out?

Per the supplier: Each one would have to get measured out or the customer would have to make his own pattern once he has determined his spacing based on his wing span.

Q: Are the Airwave Vortex Generators made of clear (no color) polycarbonate?

Yes, the vortex generators are clear.

Q: Can the Air Wave Vortex Generators be painted?

Per Vendor, These were designed to not be painted. Although they are clear, this lets a lot of color underneath flow through.

Q: I bought from you two packs of air wave vgs but they do not come with any glue. What type of glue do I have to use?

Please review the installation instructions in the "Documents" tab for adhesive recommendations.

Q: How many vortex generators come in a package?

100 per package.

Q: The site says the price is each, does that mean each generator or each kit of 100 generators? That makes a huge difference in peoples choices am sure.

That is the price per kit. Each kit contains 100pcs.

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