Vortex Generator For Experimental Aircraft

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Part# 05-01480


These Vortex Generators were designed and tested in a wind tunnel as well as on various experimental aircraft. They are formed in pairs so that the shape and angles are built right in . This makes them easier to install as they only need to be spaced out along a straight line. Also, they can be temporarily attached to the wing with tape for testing without harming the wing surface and then moved or attached permanently. This temporary attachment capability allows the pilot to prove out their effectiveness before permanent attachment. The design also gives a generous surface area for bonding. The Vortex Generators are made from .025" 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum durability.

Hall Brothers Vortex Generators are not just used for lowering the stall speed. The stall characteristics are normally improved as well as aileron response. Some pilots have reported an increase in the rate of climb of their airplane. Many pilots say that the overall "feel" and handling of their airplane has improved throughout its speed range.

The Hall Brothers Vortex Generator Kit includes enough Vortex Generators for a typical homebuilt wing (46 pairs) and stabilizer (16 pairs), tape for temporary attachment, adhesive for permanent attachment and instructions.

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Happy with VGs! product great, online purchase and shipping is simple, only wish it was a bit cheaper, but you get what you pay for. thanks Aircraft Spruce! Peter

Peter S
October 8, 2020


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Q: Is the VG bottom curved or flat? Have these been wind-tunnel tested? How complete are the installation instructions?

The VG bottom is curved for the ones that mount on the wing and flat for the ones that mount on the tail. Yes, they have been wind tunnel tested. The instructions are very complete and will explain how to install the Vortex Generators on a typical homebuilt.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Vortex generators?

These units are an odd shape, but the dims are as follows: Length: 1-3/8" | Width Short Side: 1-3/8" | Width Wide Side: 2-1/4" | Height Short Side: 1/8" | Height Tall Side: 1/2"

Q: What kind of adhesive is used for the permanent attachment and will it damage my Stits Polyfiber covering?

Pliobond 20 is used for adhesive. It has not been tested to the Stits Polyfiber covering.

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