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Gap Seal - 3 Ft Piece

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Part# 05-04616


Finally a reliable Gap Seal for rudder and elevator of your aerobatic aircraft! Hundreds of aerobatic aircraft have been equipped with this Gap Seal. It has been proven and continually tested since 1979.

Designed specially for Pitts S-1S, S-1T, S-2A, S-2S, S-2B , S-2C and Christen Eagle aerobatic aircraft. It can also be used on other aerobatic aircraft if the horizontal stabilizer, elevator, vertical fin and rudder spar is made from a 7/8 inch diameter tube with at least 1/8 inch gap and is equipped with strap hinges. Various aerobatic homebuilt aircraft such as homebuilt Pitts S-1, Pitts S-1-11, Pitts Model 12, DR-107 "One Design", Stephens Acro, Laser, and Skybolt have used this Gap Seal system

NOTE; The Gap Seal is not designed for tail surfaces that are Pin Hinged however some homebuilt aircraft (Pitts S-1C) with pin hinges have been used successfully.

The Gap Seal comes in 3 foot strips, it is cut and glued to the trailing edge of the Horizontal Stabilizer and vertical fin. Any good quality contact cement (Pliabond, Weldwood Contact Cement, 3-M Weather Strip Cement) is used to bond the Gap Seal to the trailing edges.

Determine how many 3 foot strips are required for your aircraft. Typically 3 strips for Pitts S-1, 4 strips for Pitts S-2 and Eagle, 5 strips for Pitts Model 12
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Installed easily on the rudder and elevator of my Just Superstol. Seals gap nicely and efficiently. Notice a bit more elevator authority at low speed and VSo touchdowns.

Loren B
April 30, 2021

Expensive but very good.

David D
November 16, 2018

All good and delivered very fast appreciated

Daryl C
November 20, 2017

Nice material, easy to cut to length. Accepts contact cement. Some minor feedback to control stick noticeable at full control deflection. Works well.

Mike A
May 6, 2017


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Q: Can you install these gap seals by pushing them into place or do I have to remove the control surfaces?

Per vendor, you have to remove the control surfaces and glue the Gap Seal onto the trailing edges of the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

Q: Hello, What is the color of gap seal pn 05-04616? White or black?

This gap seal is black.

Q: If I need 9 ft, and I order quantity 3, will I get 9 ft continuous length or 3 individual 3 ft sections?

These are priced and sold in pre-cut 3' foot sections. Order quantity 3 will ship 3 individual 3 foot sections, not a 9 foot continuous piece.

Q: What is the weight of a 3 foot strip of this gap seal?

The weight of a 3 foot piece of gap seal is approximately 0.50 lbs.

Q: What is the diameter of this seal?

The inside diameter of the seal is 3/4". Total width is 13/16".

Q: Do you need to put lubrication or some type of oil between the seal to prevent it from rubbing the paint off the fabric? If so, what should be used?

Recommended to clean them often to prevent dirt from rubbing the paint. Armorall works great for cleaning as well as providing a bit of lubricant.

Q: What material is this? Worried about UV and fuel/oil breaking it down

The Gap Seal is made from Buna -N. It stands up to the elements as well as fuel and oil.

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