Cessna Vent Window Seal

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Part# 05-03625
MFR Model# ADS-VWS200


FAA-approved revolutionary seal design!

This vent window seal is a departure from the foam rubber weather stripping commonly being used on all the Cessna vent windows. The seal is made from the same FAA-PMA approved rubber compound as the door seals.
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Janis F Verified Purchase


August 3, 2022

Excellent product. I put it on my Cardinal. It is a perfect fit and just the right sponginess. The self adhesive is very strong and should stay put forever. It is just soft enough to make it around the top curve of the vent window without cutting. The only reason Im giving it four stars is that, for the Cardinal, it is just long enough with only about an inch of excess. The thickness and width are just right. On the other hand, the seal I ordered from Cessna according to the Cessna part number was a round section of stiff rubber that I wouldve had to cut lengthwise and glue on.

Richard S
June 18, 2020


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Q: Is one roll enough to replace both window seals? LH & RH.

One roll will only do one window.

Q: What is the dimensions of rubber?

.42"wide x .22 thick x 37" long

Q: Will this work on a cessna 172 and if so is one roll enough?

That is a vent window seal for a Cessna 177 Cardinal. It will not work on a 172. If they are looking for a window seal for the 172 it would be our 05-01611. One kit is good for one window.

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