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CABLE SAFE NO SLIP GRIP 05-16250 $13.50
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A Safe "No-Slip-Grip" for your thru-bulkhead cables. This unit prevents your throttle mixture, choke or any push-pull cable from slipping at the firewall/ bulkhead location. Machined from lightweight aluminum, and blue anodized. Installation is simple with a drill and wrench. Once installed, the cable is threaded and the end nut is snugged down on the cable casing for positive encapsulation. Designed specifically for the aircraft industry, these fittings can be installed on virtually any application that requires a solid hold on any cable assembly with a rigid outer case. Thousands of applications: auto, boat, race car, motorhome. Used with 1/4" thru 7/32" diameter cable.


works fine

Richard B
December 19, 2019

This is a great addition to the firewall penetration to ensure a stable and safe connection for the cable. It is easy to install and is extremely lite. I recommend this for any cable pass through on the firewall!

September 14, 2018

Easy and efficient.

Nicolas S
January 26, 2018

Perfect for securing controls for cabin heat (A-740) and carb heat (A-730). Those cables are 3/16, so I also ordered the adapter housing, 05-16251.

Kelly F
January 3, 2018

This cable safe fitting is well made and works as described. Sure took a long time to get it to me. Three + weeks?

George A
March 4, 2017


Q: What is the difference between 05-16250 and 05-16251? Do I need both, and under what circumstances? It looks like it is just all one piece.

05-16250 can be used with cable housing O.D. of 1/4" thru 7/32". If the housing O.D. is 3/16", spacer part number 05-16251 will be required to grip the housing.

Q: Regarding the Cable Safe: Can this be used with cable A-930 or any of the cables that comes with the ends installed?

The A930 or any cable with swaged threaded ends can not be used with the 05-16250 cable safe. Only cables with 1/4" O.D. outer housing, and a solid wire end can be used. A930, and other swaged threaded ends, will need to use part number 05-16252, which has two halves. The 05-16250 is a one piece unit and swaged ends will not allow it to be installed.

Q: What size hole for the cable safe 05-16250?

7/32 or 1/4" cable housing.

Q: What is the diameter of the hole to drill for bolting to the firewall?

You will need to drill a 9/16" hole.

Q: What is the maximum firewall thickness? Composite planes use 1/4 plywood and then stainless steel sheet.

This will have a max panel thickness of .375".

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