Part# 05-16001
MFR Model# +CAP PN 05-16001-2


WIRE GRIP - Is a unique fitting which securely attaches to solid wire end push-pull cables. Uses a "pin vice" gripping action to attach a cable. The 5/8" long 10-32 threaded end will attach a clevis, ball joint, or other hardware for use with mixture controls, carb heat box, cabin air, or other applications, resulting in a clean, professional installation.

Note: Use PN 05-16001 on A790 ACS controls.

Made in USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I never saw one of these until I was replacing my throttle cable. At first, I was skeptical to the holding strength... they are precision made, the bowden cable fits snug before tightening.. grips hard.....make sure all parts are clean before assembling..

Jim S Verified Purchase


September 8, 2023

Im loving this product so far. My only concern is longevity and dependability. If I designed this I would have added a lock-nut behind the wire-catch.

Ellery S Verified Purchase


October 6, 2022

love it

Craig W Verified Purchase


September 3, 2022

Clever solution for connecting Bowden cable to threaded terminal. Well made. I pull tested after assembling wire grip to cable and it withstood a 100 pound pull with no sign of slippage.

Thomas W Verified Purchase


November 2, 2021

Bag was labelled with PN ordered, but item was a size smaller. Does not fit .078 wire.

Christopher C Verified Purchase


July 19, 2021

Yes, this really is an amazing piece of hardware! I have searched a year for this part. The 10-32 threads DO thread into Ball joint assy perfectly (aircraftspruce # 05-07500). These two parts seem to be made for each other. This is the highest quality solution to connect to the fuel injection contol levers, to control both throttle and mixture. Lycoming 200 hp, home built aircraft. Anything else will be second best.

Kenneth C
May 19, 2021

The wire grip is as advertised. Basically a tiny mandrel with compression about the installed wire. I have not performed a tension test to failure, but the device appears to bind the cable quite tightly. Sufficient for most applications involve control cabling. It is noted that the wire grip is for solid wire only. Supposedly does not work well with multi-stranded cable wire. I beg to differ. Having installed on 7x19 twisted cable, it binds quite nicely, and has equal tension with the solid-core wire. Its also possible to solder tin the twisted cable ends, to basically achieve a solid wire (on the ends), If so desired, creating a multi-strand cable with solid wire ends.

Maynard C
August 24, 2019

Works great

Jon B
July 18, 2019

These cable clamps are just the ticket. Ive seen so many planes with people trusting their lives to throttle/ mixture cables with a jam nut when they could have used these clamps.

Kenneth P
March 21, 2019

Beautifully designed and executed. Small in diam, lightweight. The best on the market. Polished stainless. Flawless.

August 20, 2018


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Q: For what size solid wire is this Wire Grip intended?

You can select one of the two sizes available. Either .050" thru .060" or the .078" unit.

Q: What is the material for this wire grip?

This wire grip is 303 stainless steel.

Q: What is the overall length end to end of wire grip part # 05-08101?

The length is 1-7/8".

Q: Can these Wire Grips be used on multiple strand cable?

No. This was designed for solid wire applications only.

Q: What is the thread type on the wire grip end?

The wire grip portion is not threaded but the threaded end is 10-32 (3/16).

Q: what is the cable part # that is suitable for the .040-.050 wire grip?

This works with A730, A1770, A740, A1780 cables.

Q: What grips the cable exactly? Do I turn the two nuts opposite ways to tighten the grip?

There are fingers inside the sleeve that compress as you tighten it down. Its basically a pin vice.

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