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Button Type Dash Control designed for use with many control system applications. Easily installed. Operates smoothly. All adjustable parts are metal. 7/8" Dural button on 3/16" diameter shaft. Maximum travel is 2". Furnished in 5 ft. and 8 ft. length. May be shortened. Order Inserts separately.
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Nice construction

Richard P
May 23, 2020

Nice unit

Richard P
May 14, 2020

Great as usual.

North A
May 8, 2020

Simple design, easy to install, used for cabin heat control.

September 19, 2019

as described

Stephen S
October 15, 2018

As advertised

Mark W
August 24, 2018

This cable works great! Simple, reliable, easy to install.

February 1, 2018

Good quality cable, I have used two for different tings. NOTE: this is NOT a button-lock cable, it is glide free with no locking device.

June 8, 2017

Exactly as pictured and easy to install. Smooth operation, highly recommended.

Jim W
March 31, 2017

Functions well, not a super finished look as the knob is milled out of a aluminum block. You can see the tool marks from when it was cut out. Will get the job done but not super aesthetic. I purchased this as it looked like it was frequently bought with the labeled round inserts to label the function. The insert (a sticker) ended up not going with this product. I will keep the control as I know I will use it somewhere. I will repurchase the A-730 instead.

Brian M
September 8, 2019


Q: What is the wire diameter for PN 05-14200

The wire diameter would be .055".

Q: What is the mounting hole diameter for these button type dash controls?

You would need a 3/8" diameter hole.

Q: How is the length measured, from the tip to the nut or what? Im also in need of screws to hold the valve covers on a lycoming 0-320, do you stock these and what is the order part number? Thanks, Doug

The 05-14200 is measured from the from the front of the mounting nut, where the panel sits flush, to the end of the wire. The rocker box screws are part number 08-03697.

Q: Ordered and received 08-04005 heat box and 05-14200 cable. Which part do I need to attach cable to heat box?

This unit does not have any specific instructions to attach the cable, but the 05-14200 has a .055" diam. inner wire, so you could probably use a bolt type terminal like p/n 05-16100, or a cable B-Nut like 05-16240. Just verify the size of the hole in the arm and select the best unit for that application.

Q: Is this a solid or stranded core? Is the core stainless steel ? Is the conduit stainless steal ? Is the knob end able to be unthreaded for another style knob?

The cable assembly is constructed of a Brass head tube, galvanized carbon steel round wire conduit, galvanized carbon steel round wire inner member, commercial zinc plated hardware carbon steel, zinc plated carbon steel input rod with a pressed on knob, it is not recommended that this knob be removed, Orscheln products is not liable for any subsequent damage or inoperability caused by removing the knob.

Q: What is the OD of the conduit on the 05-14200 cable

The OD conduit measurement is 0.20".

Q: What is the length of the threaded gold colored part to where the braided conduit starts?

Just short of 3".

Q: What are the inserts that it talks about in the part overview?

The inserts are the decals for Carb heat, parking brake, mixture, etc.

Q: Is it used to operate a parking brake valve (Matco)? Does it have a brake?

We believe it could be, however this is a plain push pull cable, it does not have a lock feature or specific application.

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