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(Solid Wire End) Ratchet design provides detented positions under vibration conditions. Simple push-pull operation. Has .050" dia. stainless steel wire Core in flexible metal casing with polyethylene liner. Max temp rating 200-250 degrees. May be shortened as required. Max. travel 3-1/2". Available with black or red plastic knob.

Made in USA
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I like it

Elton H Verified Purchase


June 19, 2021

Received on time amd performs as I thought it would and should.

Len S
March 6, 2021

Where is the throttle control I ordered at same time?

William P
November 10, 2020

This was perfect just what I needed in a mixture control cable . On the airplane and all is great!

Michael N
October 20, 2020

Product worked perfect

Sean L
January 3, 2020

Works flawlessly.smooth ratchet operation for oil cooler door

Shawn M
December 5, 2019

Well made cable and easy to install. Using for cabin heat and allows for easy adjustment and fine tuning.

Darin F
March 24, 2019

Excellent quality for the money, works great on my carb heat.

May 25, 2018

Great quality cable. Ratcheting works very well.

Ronald G
July 20, 2017


Q: On the A-740 Ratchet Control Cable, how is the ratchet action applied and released? A twist of the handle?

This is not a locking cable. The shaft has internal notches, and as the knob is pushed in or pulled out you feel the ratchet effect which holds the cable in position.

Q: Regarding the A-740 Rachet Control: What is the diameter of the cable itself and the mounting hole in the panel?

The inner cable is .050" diameter, and the outer housing is 3/16" O.D.. The mounting hole is 3/8".

Q: A-0740 rachet control: the ratchet no longer works, i.e., it's a smooth push/pull without detents. Can this be fixed without taking the total control out? Just restoring the ratchet-dentent.

Per Vendor, First you would have to check if the spring is still in its slot. If it is, then you would have to take the total control out.

Q: Can the knobs be removed and replaced with metal ones that I have engraved? If so, what is the diameter and thread count on the knobs that are included (so I could match). Thanks.

The knobs can be removed if the cable is ordered that way, otherwise it is loctited on. The OD is 1 and the threads are 10-32. Please contact our sales department for price and lead time of special order controls.

Q: What is the maximum *useable* extension of the knob/control before the knob stops or is extended so far as to expose the .050 inner cable? Also, what is the diameter of the spiral casing?

The maximum extension is 3-3/8" and the diameter is 3/16.

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