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Cable Safe II

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This Fitting is designed for use on coaxial type control cables. It has a two piece design to allow it to be placed over the cable inserted thru the firewall & tightened down, providing a positive lock.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Easy installation. Clamps my ACS cables well.

David M
November 6, 2017

High quality aluminum grade & finishing. Do the job perfectly. Easy installation.

Ricardo V
April 3, 2017

Works great to hold ACS Cables without a firewall jam nut. Just make sure your hole is of proper size. If you try and force it, this thing is made of aluminum and will easily strip the threads.

Alex M
August 24, 2019

Wont hold 3/8 cable with smooth outer housing.I had to apply small shims to get it to grab.

Mike T
October 31, 2019


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Q: What are these cable holder made out of? Regarding CABLE SAFE II

These are anodized blue aluminum.

Q: What are these cable holder made out of? Regarding CABLE SAFE II

These are anodized blue aluminum.

Q: What is the difference between CABLE SAFE II and the other CABLE SAFE?

The Cable Safe II is a 2 piece housing (split) to allow for easier installation is some cases.

Q: What is the length of the threaded thru-the-firewall pipe-section? Product info request is for the Cable Safe and Cable Safe II.

The length of the threaded thru-the-firewall pipe-section would be 1.2". This is for both the Cable Safe and Cable Safe II.

Q: Can I use a CABLESAFE II with the A-800 control cable (spec'd as being 3/16 outer cable housing dia.)? If not, what would you recommend for firewall secure/penetration?

The A-800 that we stock have a 1/4" cable housing. So P/N# 05-16252 would work. If your cable does have a 3/16" cable housing then you would need to use 05-16252 along with the adapter which would be 05-16251. This will then work for your 3/16" outer cable housing.

Q: Cable safe II: What size hole is needed in the firewall for 1/4 inch cable?

You will need a .561" diameter hole in the firewall.

Q: What size hole is needed in the firewall for 3/8 inch cable safe?

5/8 inch

Q: Which direction should these be installed? Does it matter if they protrude forward or aft of the firewall?

These can be mounted either way.

Q: What is the maximum firewall thickness that Cable Safe will accomodate?

Approx 1".

Q: My control cables are 0.275 in diameter and am looking at the 05-16252. Will it accept the slightly larger cable or do I have to go with the 3/8 size? If so how then will it grip the cable?

05-16252 will not accommodate that cable. You would need to use the 3/8 size but it would not grip the cable since that would have around a .375 ID.

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