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This control has 10-32 threaded ends with 8 degree swivel & 3-3/8" stroke on both ends. It has Teflon™ casing liner for use in high-temperature areas such as engine compartments, & .078" dia. stainless steel inner cable to minimize backlash. Stocked in the following lengths.

Made in USA
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excellent service as usual the product is good and works well for me

James H
June 3, 2020

Nice quality cable

August 22, 2019

I did not need a cable with a friction lock or a push button. So ordered this cable and then tried to find a knob for the end. Talked to your support people and concluded that this cable would not work for me.

Allan K
July 21, 2019

Great product

John C
October 20, 2017


Q: What is the outside diameter of the A-920 cable housing?

The OD of the cable housing is approximately 1/4" at the center of the control.

Q: Can these cables be ordered in custom lengths? Also, how is the length measured?

Yes, custom length cables are available. The cable lengths on this A-920 cable are measured end to end (thread to thread). To order custom lengths, please call sales at 877-477-7823 during business hours to arrange the special order.

Q: When ordering the terminal assemblies for an A-920 cable, do I need the -21R or -21L?

The A920 has 10-32 right hand threads, so the AN665-21R would be the correct end.

Q: What is the minimum radius bend? Also, the stick out distance minimum and maximum extension from anchor point to end connection?

Per the supplier: The minimum radius bend is 6". The length is measured from the end of the threads on one side to the end of the threads on the other end. The stroke decreases approx. .360" with each 360* bend.

Q: Can these A-920 push pull controls be easily modified to a shorter length if they are ordered a bit too long?

No, these cannot easily be modified to to a shorter length. If you like we can special order them to specific sizes.

Q: Do these A-920 control cables come with bulkhead fittings?

No, this cable does not come with the bulkhead fittings. Take a look at the A-1550, this would come with the bulkhead fittings.

Q: Is the A-920 Push Pull Control Cable FAA PMA Approved?

No, this cable is for experimental aircraft use only.

Q: What is the means by which the housing of this control is anchored so that it doesn't move when the control is used? I understand that the A-1550 control has bulkhead fittings for this purpose but don't understand the A-920.

There is a notch at the end of cable close to where the swivel is, so you can use a housing clamp like p/n 10464 or slotted bracket mount p/n 10465. You can view each style on our web site.

Q: What is the distance from the notch in the mounting sleeve, to the end of the stationary portion of the end fitting on the AN-920 Push-Pull control? In other words, how far away does the throttle control linkage need to be from the cable clamping point?

Approximately 5-3/8 inches.

Q: I need to replace the rubber grommets on the ends of my A-920 push-pull cable. Can you tell me how to order just the rubber grommets?

The A-920 requires one each of 05-02633 & 05-02634 on each end.

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