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Quality Jack Points

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Part# 05-12379


Quality Jack Points. (Very high quality jack points for most aircraft wing installations and jacks).

This part was developed specifically for use on the RVs (or almost any aircraft). These little accessories can really save the day when jacking up your RV or other aircraft.

Most RV owners are using a bolt or tie-down ring, not designed, or safe for the task of jacking up their aircraft safely. Many are using a plastic part that was supplied by Vans (No longer available) for this job that was prone to failure. When this part fails, the wing jack will slide off and penetrate the wing causing very serious, costly damages.

These very small, lightweight (less than two oz.) aircraft grade aluminum Jack Points can make jacking your aircraft a simple and safe task. These Jack Points incorporate a grade eight 3/8X 16 plated stud that fits the wing thread that cant fail causing damage.

The heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminum body, is de-burred, and tumbled to eliminate sharp edges and includes an attached nylon spacer to protect the wing skins painted surfaces. These parts are small and light weight so you may want to carry them in your plane should you find the need for them away from home.

Sold as a pair.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Precision machined from 7075 heat treated aircraft grade aluminum bar stock
  • This assembly also incorporates an attached, high strength nylon washer to protect the wing skins
  • Mounting Stud is 3/8-16 grade 8, 4130 with a full thread



Island A
October 13, 2019

bolts were too short to engage threads in the wing tie-down locations, so had to remove and make longer (about 5/8 longer) bolts for them to work. This may be due to improper tie-down build by the person who built my plane

Jim R
July 29, 2020


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