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Rhino 9700 is a 100% solids epoxy system which is the highest quality fuel and chemical resistant lining and coating material available. It contains no solvents and no corrosive or carcinogenic substances to assure low toxicity and ease of application. Provides superior low temperature curing, impact and abrasion resistance, and cures in the presence of moisture or humidity. Brushes on easily. Sold in 3 gallon kit containing 2 gallons of resin and 1 gallon of hardener. One 3 gallon kit can coat tanks of average size homebuilt. Used extensively on Lancairs and other homebuilts. Shelf life one year.
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I have been using this Tank Sealant for over 20 years on dozens of Experimental Aircraft. It has never given me any issues on any of the aircraft it was used on to seal up the composite fuel bays. Great stuff!

November 1, 2022

I used this product for an unrelated use. Sealing a 150 gallon coolant tank on a CNC mill. After 20 years of use, the tank was riddled with small holes from corrosion. After cleaning, sand blasting, and patching the holes, we applied two coats of this sealer and very pleased with the results. I dont expect to ever have a problem with this tank again.

Tony B
April 9, 2021

Ecellent delivery time. Great product.

January 22, 2021

I have used this product in 3 costume made gastank... Works very well... Very good product. I recommend it.

Rodrigo D
April 21, 2020


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Q: Is the Jeffco fuel tank sealer pourable? The tank I am repairing is aluminum with three compartments separated by baffles. There is direct access to only one. I would like to pour in the sealer, slosh around, and pour off the excess.

Per the manufacturer: Yes, this material is pourable and can be sloshed to get the thickness of approximately 20 mils. These are the design parameters for the material.

Q: We bought Jeffco fuel tank sealant from you, but didn't find any instructions on use (user manual) included with it. Do you have them available?

Yes. We have added the "Tech Data and Instructions" PDF to the documents tab of this web page. Please review them there.

Q: Can I use RHINO 9700 to cover the inner surface of a fiberglass fuel tank?

Per supplier: Yes, this will work just fine.

Q: Does this Rhino Fuel Tank Sealer 9700 product dry clear?

This product is gray and dries glossy. Similar to a gray epoxy floor in a garage. It is not clear.

Q: When I go to checkout and purchase Rhino 9700, it shows a check box Include manufacturer C of C. What does this mean?

The C of C is the manufacturer's certificate of conformance which is the paperwork showing traceability and the sign off that the material was made to the specification. It is not required on this tank sealer, although some business customers prefer to have the traceability paperwork on all parts.

Q: After mixing, what is the working time and final cure time?

At 77 degrees pot time is 25-30 minutes, and full cure is 7 days.

Q: Does the tank have to be clean and rust free prior to using this product? If there is Diesel residue in the tank does that have to be cleaned out as well?

Per the instructions, "the surface must be free of contaminants such as dust, oil or dirt."

Q: Good day Sir - Please advise if this product is Dangerous Goods to ship Internationally?

No, this is not considered DG.

Q: Is it possible to thin the Rhino mixture? What is the thinning agent?

There is no mention of thinning on the data sheet.

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