Part# 05-01867
MFR Model# CAV-170


SAF-AIR push type fuel drain valves are close tolerance valves of simple design. These valves provide the most trouble free operation of any other line of valves in the industry. SAF-AIR valves are manufactured with an o-ring placed on the stem to seal against a flat seat on the body. This design eliminates an area where dirt can gather, thus putting an end to the main cause of fuel drain valve drip. FAA & PMA APPROVED.

Note: Aircraft applications are for general reference only. Verify correct valve for your aircraft before ordering.

MODEL CAV-170 For all Cessna late 140A models, 150, 170, 170A, 170B, 172 and 175.
Thread size: 7/16-20 NF-3


  • Eight models in two styles with or without 1/4" hose adapter
  • All Valves can be rebuilt
  • Standard fuel resistant o-rings
  • Simple operation - just push to sample fuel


  • MATERIAL: 360 Brass
  • FINISH: Natural
  • TEMPERATURE: -60 to +260F (-51 to +127C)
  • O-RINGS: CAV-170 Size -012
  • PRESSURE: 60 PSI max
  • MODEL CAV-170 7/16-20 NF-3 For all Cessna 310 tip tanks; Mooney Mark 20 and 20A; all Ercoupe models; Bellanca, Taylorcraft model B; Stinson 108, 108-1, 108-2, 108-3; Voyager model 10 and 10A; Navion; Waco VK series and UPF; and Sea Bee. Fits all standard gascolators.
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I bought another one for the right wing.

Mitchell S
February 12, 2021

Well made part

James J
September 9, 2019

Direct replacement, fast shipping.

Ivan H
May 13, 2018

Only one of the two ordered worked. The first one installed had a persistent leak.

Lee F
March 11, 2018


Q: Are the o-rings included with the Saf-Air CAV-170 fuel drain valves as shown in the photo?

Yes, these will include the o-ring.

Q: The manufacturer is now selling a version of this valve that is stainless steel and less susceptible to corrosion from water in your fuel. Will you be carrying the SS version?

Yes, we do carry the SS version. Please see our part # for this SS version.

Q: Is this Saf Air CAV-170 suitable for Cessna 152?

Per Saf-air, yes, that is the correct part for the 152.

Q: Is the CAV 170 the correct part for the Cessna 150H?

Yes, this is the correct drain valve for the Cessna 150H.

Q: Is this the correct part for Cessna 150L?

Yes, this should be the correct drain valve for the Cessna 150L. We always recommend verifying currently installed valve or your specific aircraft parts manual to confirm.

Q: Is thread sealant used also?

Yes, EzTurn can be used with this valve.

Q: Whats the part # for the stainless steel version?

It is the CAV-170-SS. Our part number 05-15418.

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