Bowden Cable Inner Wire

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Part# 05-15510
MFR Model# SSW-078


Stainless stainless steel wire .078" diameter. Sold by the foot.


The product is exactly as described. Unfortunately, the diameter of cable inner wire needed for the M20E flap control cable is smaller (0.053 in.) than 0.078 in.

Buster D
December 28, 2017

I bought this part to replace the cable on an ACS A-800 throttle, that was cut too short. Apparently, the ACS A-800 has a special connection at the knob-end, so this part didnt work. Tried to reach Technical Service three times and left 3 messages, but didnt get a call back. The part was fine, but wasnt useful to me.

David N
October 19, 2020

Did not use. Wire too heavy for trim tab application.

July 1, 2020


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Q: Is this Bowden cable inner wire wire solid, or braided/strand?

It is .078" solid wire.

Q: Is the quantity how many foot length in total? Or is seperate foot peices? I want 14 foot length.

Yes, it is priced and sold by the foot. For 14 feet, enter qty 14.

Q: Can a turnbuckle end MS21260-S3RH be swaged on to this bowden cable inner wire?

No it can not, at least not with our tooling. We swage these units to cable not solid wire.

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