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Part# 10-05931
MFR Model# 010-10579-20


Garmin USB Aviation Data Card Programmer for the GNS series of products. Boasting improved performance and RoHS compliance (allowing global availability), this data card programmer enables customers to program Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacle and Terrain databases. If you're looking for Jeppesen aviation data updates, you need to purchase a Skybound USB programmer.

The data card programmer offers greatly enhanced transfer speeds, ensuring that dealers and customers alike spend less time in front of the computer. When transferring Terrain and Obstacle databases to GNS 430/530 WAAS and non-WAAS data cards, users can expect up to 80% faster transfer speeds. This data card programmer is backwards compatible with previous Terrain data cards, so a data card is not required.


Worked perfectly to update GNS430W Obstruction Data

Kenneth E
February 17, 2020

I load both data cards from a Garmin 430W and 530W with this loader. It works with data (Nav, Terrain, and Obstacles) from the Garmin site. If your subscription is from Jeppeson, you may need the other loader.

John H
July 21, 2019

Shipped and arrived on time. Worked to update data card first time. Will hope it lasts a long time.

Richard M
July 15, 2019

Worked fine and now I am saving money over the Jeppessen subscription.

Lester H
June 29, 2018

Worked great after I figured out the garmin Web site procedures.

April 16, 2018

Worked as planned. Fast shipping.

March 2, 2018

Its working. Cant say much more than that for a $70 card reader.

January 12, 2018

Works as advertised to update GNS 430/530 data cards directly from Garmin via a Windows OS. Garmin is less expensive than obtaining the updates from Jeppesen.

Manny P
December 29, 2017

Very easy to use!

Chris W
December 22, 2017

now that Garmin offers nav database updates for the GNS 430W at a lower price than jeppesen, I orders this to use the Garmin updates. I like this unit better than the Jeppesen unit. Installation was easy and quality seems good. I only wish it also worked on a MAC. I will say the Garmin update software is a bit more of a pain to use than the Jeppesen software.

John S
September 29, 2017


Q: I have a GNS430W panel mount, it has 2 data cards, the start up checks tell me theres no terrain data. I have a Jeppessen Skybound G2 usb interface for navdata, can I use this to download Garmin terrain data onto the terrain card?

Per Garmin, you will have to use part # 10-05931 to download Garmin terrain data onto the terrain card.

Q: I have a 430w, 530w and g600. Do I need this cable to download the nav data from Garmin for the 430w/530w when purchasing a One Pack from Garmin? Or can I use my Jepp Sky Bound adapter or is that only good for the Jepp web site? I desire to get all my nav data from one site if possible and the one pack seems a less expensive way to go.

Yes, you can use the Skybound adapter for this purpose.

Q: Is this programmer Garmin p/n: 010-10579-20?

Yes, this programmer is Garmin model no. 010-10579-20

Q: Will this work to transfer Nav Data from the Garmin website to a GNS430W Navdata card?

Yes, it will do this.

Q: Will this download information from Garmin using the latest 430w orange navdata card?

No, this unit would not work with the orange navdata cards. The compatible reader for those cards would be the Jeppesen Skybound G2, PN 11-13197

Q: I have a Garmin GNS 530 Non-WAAS unit in my plane. Will this programmer work to download updates for my data card?

Yes, this will work to download Garmin nav data updates for your data card. Please note that for Jeppesen NavData you would need to utilize part number 11-13197

Q: Can you confirm that this will NOT work with an orange label card, with a Garmin subscription plan? Ive heard conflicting reports.

No, this will NOT work with orange label cards. Those are only for Jeppesen products.

Q: Does this work with the Garmin 155XL data cards?

No, this will not work with the Garmin 155 XL. We recommend part # 11-13197.

Q: Will this data card programmer work with a Garmin GNS 480?

No, the GNS480 uses a different datacard to the GNS4XX/5XX series.

Q: Will this work for a Garmin GPS 400W unit?

Yes, per the manufacturer that is a compatible unit

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