Nflightcam GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 Headset Audio Recording Cable

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Part# 11-12337
MFR Model# 554


Use this cable to connect your GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+ to your intercom. Plug one end into the side of the GoPro and the other into a standard PJ jack. The GoPro will record everything you hear and say through the headset, including intercom and ATC communications. Record indefinitely by plugging a USB battery pack into the power input.

Very easy to use, but requires use of a separate case for the GoPro. The standard waterproof case that comes with the Hero3 and Hero3+ blocks the needed jack to plug in this cable. Instead, use the NFlightcam GoPro Cockpit Filter or the GoPro Skeleton Case. The cable includes a female plug to plug your headset into so you’re not blocking an intercom jack. Compatible with Hero3 and Hero3+.

Note: Due to the design of the GoPro, using aircraft power will not work.

Note: The waterproof case that comes with the GoPro blocks the jack needed to plug in this cable. Instead, use the Frame or GoPro Skeleton Case. The cable includes a female plug to plug your headset into, so you’re not blocking an intercom jack.
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  • Record all headset audio, including intercom and ATC
  • Includes a noise reduction circuit for crystal clear audio
  • Works with standard twin plug headsets
  • Works with aircraft with built-in ANR headset (single-plug LEMO) by plugging into auxiliary standard ports next to the LEMO plug.
  • This standard cable is 6 feet long.


  • GoPro Hero3
  • GoPro Hero3+
  • *Camera not included


On time delivery. Just what I ordered

Burt R
August 3, 2020

Purchased this cable about 3 weeks ago and finally got a chance to fly with it today. It was a few dollars more than I was hoping to pay, however I decided to purchase it anyways with my main objective being to capture and record the audio to the GoPro with the bonus being able to keep the GoPro charged. When I flew with it today I forgot my battery pack charger, however it was not needed to film the entire flight using the GoPro battery charge. The reason I am writing this review is that the quality of the audio is awesome and beyond what I expected. With the cable pluged into the GoPro and the rear seat Audio Jack the audio was crisp and clear. The GoPro built in Microphone appears to be disabled when recording through the cable which in my case was beyond what I had expected and replaying the video you cant even make out the engine noise from the aircraft. I give this product 5 stars because it has exceeded my expectations.

March 29, 2020


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Q: Will the Nflightcam Gopro Hero 3 headset audio recording cable work with the new Hero4 silver?

Per the manufacturer: The Nflightcam Gopro Hero 3 headset audio recording cable will not work with the Hero 4 but they are releasing a new version of the cable that will support both the Hero 3 and 4 in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Q: Will the Nflightcam Gopro Hero 3/3+ Headset Audio Recording Cable work with a MONO headset?

Per the manufacturer this will work as long as it's a dual GA headset.

Q: How long is the nflightcam GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 headset audio recording cable?

This cable is approximately 74 inches long.

Q: Gopro has recently released a new model, the Gopro Hero 5. Will the Audio Cable, Lens Filter and Mounts work with the new model Camera?

No. the GoPro Hero 5 has a USB type-c cable input instead of the mini-USB. The lens is also slightly smaller, so the old style filters will not fit perfectly. The mounts for the Hero 3 / 4 will all work with the new camera. We are expecting nFlightcam to have the new accessories and cockpit kit available in early November.

Q: Will this cable work with nonGoPro action camera with mini USB port?

Yes, as long as the port is the same style as the GoPro it should work fine.

Q: Will cable work with a DB Power camera?

We do not have any information on the DB Power Camera. We can only say for sure this works with the GoPro Hero series cameras.

Q: Can it be plugged directly to the headset?

Yes, one side connects to the GoPro and the other connects to the headset.

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