Ptt-400 Portable Push-To-Talk Switch

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Part# 11-02072
MFR Model# PTT-400


Designed so that the pilot may push downward to invoke the radio transmit function, instead of the traditional “sideways activation” of typical strap-on PTTs. Secures to the top of the vertical handle of the control yoke with provided velcro tape. Housed at the top of a thin, 1/2” dia. cylindrical enclosure, the soft-touch red push button is rated for 50,000 failure-free operations. 5 ft. coiled cable terminates with standard plug & jack. Fast and easy plug-in installation, in virtually any aircaft.
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Great product

Timothy S Verified Purchase


November 26, 2021

Usual fast efficient service. Thanks

November 26, 2017

These are the only PTT Ive been able to find with the really small button that requires absolutely minimal effort to press (just the lightest touch of your fingertip). Thats exactly what I wanted, but all the other ones are big fat buttons that require relatively enormous pressure to push. Not for me. Have purchased several of these. I carry one in my bag as a backup, too, after having one fail mid-flight (I blame myself for the failure and pulling on wires).

January 25, 2016

This is to update, or replace, my other review. These things simply do not last. While they require absolute minimal pressure to activate, they fail after about a year of mild use. Ive purchased at least three units and all have failed after say 100-200 hours of operation. You can jiggle and twist wires to sometimes get them to work, but theyre not reliable at all. They may be better suited for panel installations where wires arent getting moved around like on a yoke install, but after buying several of these sets, Im done with them. Their only saving grace is they require absolutely minimal pressure to activate. Thats why I kept using them, but Ive moved on to another button.

March 13, 2020


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Q: Is this PTT switch a SPST or SPDT switch? Thanks

The PTT switch (11-02072) is a SPST switch momentary on switch.

Q: Does this intercom work with any type of headset?

Yes, as long as the headset is equipped with dual GA plugs.

Q: Is the top (push-button) portion threaded to easily mount on top of a control stick (rather than yoke)? And if so, does it include the locknut?

This is designed to be attached to a yoke or stick using velcro. The switch itself would very similar to our part number 11-03909 if you are wanting to hardwire a switch in your control stick.

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