BP-200XL : Long-Life Ni-MH Battery Pack For Icom

Part# 11-06351
MFR Model# BP-200XL


The BP-200XL (a.k.a. BP-200xh) is a 9.6v 1450mAh EXTRA LONG LIFE Nickel Hydride rechargeable battery pack for ICOM radios. Fits IC-T8A, IC-T81A, IC-A23, IC-A5, etc. Charges thru the radio, or in the EMS-30i charger (sold separately), or on the UDQ-9000 charger, or on the UDQ-PLUS charger. The BP-200XL includes a heavy-duty spring-loaded belt clip. This battery replaces the original BP-199, BP-200, & BP-200L.


Works great. Clip holding it into radio doesnt hold very well. Leather cover seems to keep it in place.

August 11, 2019

Battery works well, but the clip doesnt hold it into the radio. I have to rubber band it or use the case to hold it in place. Not a deal breaker, but annoying.

September 4, 2019

Bought this battery for my A23 as a replacement for the original, upgrading for greater autonomy. After a years usage, battery wont hold charge at all. I am told that being out of the 3-month warranty, nothing can be done by Aircraft Spruce. Called Batteries America directly, and got the same reply. Not impressed. Interesting to see I am not the only one. Could be a bad batch.

Jacques P
June 20, 2018

Bought two of these batteries... for my Icon A5 Both batts dont hold charge for more than 2 hours. One battery causes A5 to overheat.

Mark M
August 5, 2017

have ordered two off these both were defective, battery time less than 2 hours

June 23, 2019


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