Itc-404Sp Four Place Stereo Panel Mount Intercom

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Part# 11-01354
MFR Model# ITC-404SP


The ITC-404SP offers the same Enhanced Noise Reduction technology, small size and up to four stations, pilot, copilot and two passengers. On cross country flights, enjoy CD or Tape music in full stereo. So that nothing is missed, the music mutes during intercom communications or ATC radio communication. The small size of 2.1" w x 1.1"h x 3.1" makes the ITC-404SP the smallest four place stereo panel mount intercom available.

The new Built-In Cellular Phone interface enables the pilot to connect a cell phone directly to the intercom, eliminating the need for an external adapter. Simply plug one end of a cable into the cell phone earphone jack and the other end into the intercom cell phone jack. The pilots audio to the cell phone is the ENRI processed audio, eliminating any background noise that might other wise be heard while talking.

For the best in all types of communications, make the ITC-404SP your next intercom.

NOTE: Will not work with the unamplified dynamic mic.


  • Enhanced Noise Reduction Technology
  • Up to 110db of Noise Reduction
  • Continuous Audio, No missed Syllables or Words
  • Small Size, only 2.1" x 1.1" x 3.2"
  • Single Volume Control
  • No Squelch Controls or Auto Squelch
  • Pilot / All Isolation Switch
  • Music Input with ATC Muting
  • Includes headphone jacks
  • Cellular Phone interface, include phone cable.
  • Pre-assembled cable available
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Pilot and CoPilot Push-to-Talk Radio Keying
  • 12 to 28 VDC operation
  • Fail-Safe Function
  • Face Plate Adapter Available for 2 1/4" Round Holes.


  • Click here to download the ITC-404SP Installation and Operation Manual in PDF


I purchased one of these about 4 years ago for my Glastar and I love how it works. No more adjusting the squelch for different phases of flight. It's always on so you don't lose the first syllable in a sentence like old technology intercoms and it does a fantastic job of eliminating background noise. I'm building a RV-10 and I will be installing an ITC-404SP when I get to that point in the project. It's about time intercom technology reached this point. I highly recommend this product.

Colin N
September 27, 2014


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