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Part# 11-13561
MFR Model# 104-17


978MHz TED ADS-B monopole transmissions antenna. The outer shell and element is nickel plate and the center conductor is gold over nickel plate.
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Great price.

October 15, 2020

Easy to install. Affordable. Plug and play. Gets the job done!

Yuri O
February 10, 2020

The old antenna has the core fall out, I got it from another supplier. This one installed the same and I did an FAA PAPR flight yesterday and the ADSB came back with 0 exceptions. Im happy.

Robert C
January 5, 2020

Good one

Richard W
September 15, 2019

Its a ball and stick antenna optimized for ADS-B. I have used these a few times and they work great. Good bang for the buck. Solid state. What could possibly go wrong?

July 12, 2018

Installed on my Cardinal RG. work very well and improve reception for any ADS-B in 978 unit mine is a Dual 170.

Francois C
November 13, 2016

Installed this on the belly of my RV-10 and connected it via a run of RG400 to a Stratux ADS-B In receiver. Dramatically improved the number of towers received (5-7 vs. 2 using the Stratux telescoping antenna). An excellent value!

Daniel M
March 29, 2016

Same antenna, same performance bought a second one for a light sport, again to connect to a Stratux. One less star since the price jumped 60% since last year (was $18, now $29.95).

Dan M
June 22, 2017


Q: If I already have a Ted antenna for my transponder, do I also need this Ted ADS-B antenna?

This antenna is intended for use with ADS-B boxes. Your transponder can use a standard antenna, an ADS-B antenna is not required.

Q: Does the TED ADS-B antenna meet any FAA TSO spec?

No, this antenna is intended for use with experimental aircraft only.

Q: Can this antenna be used with the GDL 39R for ADS-B in?

Per the GDL 39R User's Guide, they recommend a blade type ADS-B antenna, such as the CI-105.

Q: Can I share this antenna with my ADS-B and Transponder? In other words, can I use one Single antenna for both, the ADSB and the transponder?

This antenna cannot do this. However there are antennas that function on both the 978 MHz and 1090 MHz.

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