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The Engineers Black Book - Inch Version

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Part# 13-06586


The Engineers Black Book is a Technical Engineering Resource Book consolidating the most commonly used Engineering information into an easy-to-read and convenient user-friendly format.

Whether you are a Designer, Engineer, the Engineers Black Book is an invaluable tool for Apprentices, Trainees, Tradesmen, Machinists, Machine Shops, Tool Rooms, Technical Colleges, Fabricators, Sheet Metal Workers, even simply as a gift to a colleague.


  • 3rd Edition - Inch (Imperial).
  • Overall Size: 6.53" High x 4.25" Wide x 0.59" Thick
  • Weight: 8.46 oz (including FREE Adhesive Bookmarking Tabs
  • Pages: 234 pg.
  • ISBN: 0-9580571-4-1


This book has been manufactured with specially designed paper that offers superior protection for the rugged user. Each page is highly durable and tear resistant, in addition, each page surface is glare free for easy reading in bright conditions.

If kept in your back pocket, toolbox, truck floor or used in the field or in a hard workshop environment - each page is protected against dust, wear and in the case of handling the book with greasy hands - no problem - each page is barrier protected and can easily be wiped clean without stain.

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This is a WONDERFUL reference! It is THE perfect companion to The Machinerys Handbook If you dont need the 2800 pages of technical info for your Machine Shop, youll find a TON of valuable info packed into this 220 page book! It covers everything the big book covers, but uses the most common sizes etc without covering every possible size ever made. I have both books, and find myself using the black book more often with its easy to find information. At 1/3 the cost, this book is a must have! Great reference for DIY and hobbyist too!

Edward H
March 24, 2021

Great reference

Ray K
January 29, 2021

Perfect. Glad I found it. Thx

Cole S
September 2, 2020


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