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Corrosion X is an excellent penetrant, lubricant, and corrosion filter which confirms to Mil-C-81309E and is perfect for extended corrosion protection of airframes. It is also highly effective in protection of all components in the electrical/avionics systems. On existing corrosion, it penetrates oxidation, displaces lectrolyte and stops electrolysis. On corrosion free surfaces provides an ultra-thin barrier to guard against moisture intrusion and corrosion attack. Treatment lasts 2 years or more, and Corrosion X is non-toxic. Corrosion X is a highly recommended treatment for extending the life of airframes.

Note: 16 oz Trigger Version can be shipped anywhere as it is non-hazardous and unrestriced.
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Vic Syracuse recommended this highly in one of his EAA presentations . . . use it for everything now.

Larry S
June 1, 2020

Corrosion X is great stuff. I prevents corrosion on tools, guns. fishing reels and just about any metal items that are exposed to water salt and ore high humidity. I use it to restored old tools and fishing reels that are heavily rusted and completely seized up. It works better that anything else I have used and I wouldnt be without a bottle of it.

Bernard W
May 16, 2020

CorrosionX is one of the best things ever created if you work on anything mechanical. Its a great penetrating oil, a great lubricant, and does a nice job of stopping corrosion. I use it on everything from my lawn mower to my airplane.

Berry J
December 1, 2019

Good product and service, as advertised and expected from AS

Ciro H
July 20, 2019

I use it for everything from a penetrate to a critter deterrent. Ive abandoned conventional battery terminal protection and now solely use Corrosion X. Also, on certain vehicles that experience repetitive critter invasions and wiring damage, this has proven to be a deterrent to that. Just spray it on the areas of invasion and it seems to keep them away. Great product!!

Clint D
February 18, 2019

Excellent penetrant/corrosion protection product. I use it on everything...displaces water and is safe for use on electronic equipment.

Berry J
April 17, 2017

Bought the sprayer bottle. Would not stay primed. Pump would not work well. Very messy. Buy the aerasol or provide your own sprayer for the bottle.

July 5, 2018

Like previous reviews said. The pump sprayer is a waste of time. I figured enough time had passed and Corrosion X had resolved that issue. Wrong! Great product...just in a poor dispenser. Go with the aerosol.

July 31, 2018

Cap is impossible to remove. No slot like a paint aerosol . I tried to pry it up with a screw driver . Broke the cap , punctured the can . Go with the other product .

June 21, 2019

I should have looked at the reviews before buying the pump. The oil is, I believe too thick to work properly in the pump sprayer. Sprays extremely poor in the stream or spray setting on the nozzle and both make a mess. Every time Ive used the spray can it worked well, buy the spray can! The one star rating is for the container only so dont waste your money unless you have your own sprayer!

Charles N
March 24, 2019


Q: I have a PA32R that I want to treat for corrosion prevention. How much Corrosion X will I need?

Per the supplier, 75 oz to a gallon should be enough for this aircraft.

Q: What is the difference between Corrosion-X original and Corrosion-X Aviation Formula? How much would be needed for a Cessna 182 Q? Thanks

Per the supplier: No real difference at all, the aviation formula just meets all the specifications necessary for aircraft use. Please use the recommended amount for the Piper PA32 (Posted in an earlier Q+A) as a guide for how much you will need for your aircraft as there is no exact amount required for each aircraft application.

Q: How do you apply Corrosion X in a spray form for best coverage?

We offer spray systems for gallon and larger containers of Corrosion X. You can view them on our web site. Refer to part numbers 09-00372, 09-00371, & 09-00373 for basic models.

Q: Is this good for cables and pulleys or is there something more appropriate?

Corrosion X would be great for that application. As always though you would want to verify with your manuals and A&P if you are using this on a certified aircraft.

Q: Will Corrosion X harm painted surfaces?, Id like to coat my ruddervaders and associated parts, they are made out of magnesium.

It is safe to use on painted surfaces and magnesium but it will not bond to paint. It will run off a painted surface.

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