Par-Al-Ketone Quart

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Part# 09-26800


Black Bear Par-Al-Ketone is best known as one of the most rugged corrosion preventives available, performing successfully for over 40 years protecting aircraft components and machine parts in outdoor storage and for export.

Black Bear Par-Al-Ketone is a blend of controlled oxidized petroleum fractions in a solvent solution. The protective film is stable from -20 F. to 180 F. When applied, the protective coating tends to displace moisture. When dry, the protective film retains substantial flexibility with a tendency to self-heal when ruptured. The corrosion preventive may be applied safely over painted surfaces and removed by using thinners such as mineral spirits or stoddard solvents.

An excellent corrosion inhibitor for use on exterior surfaces of parts that are subject to exposure. Recommended for all control cables. Meets spec. MIL-C-52, Type 1. May be sprayed, dipped, wiped or brushed on. Thin with mineral spirits or use
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This product was recommended by a fellow A&P for a wing rebuild project when the owner inquired about the best recommendation for restoring good cable durable lube to our aileron cables. I placed our cables inside a gallon zip lock, and just let them marinade over several days while I was busy doing other projects.

David S Verified Purchase


October 27, 2023

PAR-AL-KEYTONE is nothing short of a great product. Thinned with solvent, assembling part with a liberal coating on hardware will protect them from rust and corrosion for years and allow disassembly later with ease.

Chris F Verified Purchase


October 6, 2022

Great product! Brush on as a thick liquid and it sticks good while drying to become a durable semi-hard protective layer. From my experience it provides complete corrosion protection for especially vulnerable surfaces for years even in highly corrosive environments such as salt water spray for sea planes.

July 2, 2022

very good product!

May 26, 2014


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Q: Does the use or application of Par Al Ketone have a negative effect on electrical connections?

Per supplier: the product is not meant for use on electrical connections. Thus contact with electrical connections should be avoided.

Q: What is the shelf life for par-al-ketone?

The shelf life is 10 years from date of manufacture.

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