Powerfoam Spray / Wipe Cleaner

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Part# 09-37970
MFR Model# DPF12


Powerfoam is an aircraft exterior spray and wipe foam cleaner. Powerfoam will effectively clean carbon exhaust, engine cowlings, oil, bugs and fly dirt from surfaces while leaving a clean, streak free finish. Powerfoam is always a great product to detail and clean landing gears, flaps, belly, leading edges or any other area of a dirty aircraft. Excellent for quick-turns when a pilot wants to make his aircraft presentable between wet wash jobs. On interiors, Powerfoam will effectively clean smudge marks, nicotine stains, oily fingerprints and food stains. For use on sinks, lavs, table tops, woodwork, floor runners and galleys. Not for use on suede or silk.


works great

Aviation S Verified Purchase


May 3, 2022

Does a great job safely cleaning the leading edge of TKS weeping wings, per recommendation of Cirrus. I agree.

Dave I
October 4, 2018

This is a fantastic product. Introduced to me by some commercial crop dusters as the stuff to use. So I bought two cans. However, the button nozzles on the cans didnt work right. So I contacted Jetstream products and they immediately replied and told me they had gotten a bad batch of buttons and were replacing any defective cans delivered to customers. And they did. In fact they sent extra (under promise and over deliver - genius). Complete surprise there and awesome customer service. Combine a great product with a manufacturer who proves themselves when things get sticky. Thats the kind of folks I love giving business to.

Jim I
September 24, 2018

Finally found a product that cleans exhaust soot from the aircraft. Spray it on, wait a minute and watch the soot slide off the airplane. Love it!

Gary R
July 21, 2017


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Q: Can this item be shipped by airfreight? What is the box qty?

This is an aerosol container and can not be shipped air freight, 12 cans are in a case.

Q: Is this cleaner safe for cleaning an RV with decals?

It may discolor the decals per the manufacturer. They recommend testing it first on an unseen area.

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