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Part# 09-42060
MFR Model# SW848SY


Contains no chemicals or abrasives that cause damage to transparent surfaces. This formula is anti-static, anti-fog, fast-drying, non-streaking, and reduces glare.

Also repels finger smudges, dirt, and dust. Great for use on acrylic sheet, lexan, glass, and polycarbonates. No. 848 meets the following military & commercial specifications: *MIL P5425 *MIL P25690A *Douglas Aircraft CSD-1 *ANSI/ASTM F484-77 *Boeing Letter-Lexan 9600. Product is free of ozone-depleting chlorfluorocarbons (CFCs)


I have used this Plastic Cleaner for years on Acrylic windshields and for picture frames. On Airplanes you should wash off any dust and dirt with clean water first. Then when dry use a microfiber towel and spray a small amount of Sprayway plastic cleaner on the cloth and lightly clean the surface a small section at a time. It contains wax in the cleaner to help keep the windshield clean and to help when you clean again. It is best to have a cool windshield that is out of the sun when you clean as the cleaner will dry faster that you can wipe it off. Great product at a great price.

March 25, 2021

This is a great cleaner!

Beverly T
July 10, 2020

Ugh! I tried so hard to make this work. It seems to always leave smears and haze often only visible when the sun is at that perfect angle only reached during short and final! I always used new or clean micro-fiber cloths. I tried: Spray on wipe off. Spray, wipe and rub in, wipe off with another cloth. Spray, let sit and wipe off with new cloth. Spray and with clean dry cloth polish windscreen. I even tried all the above followed by a damp clean fiber cloth wipe down. Now I am trying it on my car and while the windows look great, driving shows streaks and haze. I will be throwing away the remainder of this can and making note: never again.

Gary P
September 27, 2015


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