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Gill GC-012 12VDC Charger 110V

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Part# 11-09985
MFR Model# 60148


IMPORTANT: These chargers will only function when connected to 110-120V input. Do not connect them to 220-240V or you may damage the charger.

The Gill GC-012 VDC Charger is lightweight and is built in a high strength aluminum case. This is fully automatic and provides a 3 stage charger can be left on the battery for long periods. The LED's light shows the status of when the power is on, charging, and when the battery is charging. The circuit protection is reversed polarity and short circuit protected (fused). The power cord length is 6-feet and a 4-foot charge cord with alligator clips included. The Charge control is modified to a constant current charge and a constant finishing voltage, then to a float standby.

The Gill-012 VDC Charger is UL and CE approved. The charger is supported by the manufacture Gill Batteries with a 2-year warranty.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Input: 110-120VAC
  • Output: 12 VDC 5A
  • Dimensions: 6.5"W x 3.5"H x 1.8"D
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Charging Output: 14.4VDC
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Works great, replacing my Battery Minder with this one.

Eric C Verified Purchase


July 24, 2022

Got this as a gift and Im real happy! It works like a charm. Inspected the output prior to using - and it was right in accordance with the battery CMM. I read the review about the alligator clamps, but I dont use the leads like jumper cables, so theyre just fine for me. Also read the review by Dan J. He may have the 24 volt version and thats what was boiling off the electrolyte - or his battery had set discharged for a long time and couldnt recover. I love mine..... Thanks honey

David A
December 26, 2021

Bought it based on the Gill battery recommendations. So far so good. Runs quiet and pretty plug and play The quality is very nice compared to those cheap chargers.

Marcos S
April 12, 2020

Great charger for the GIL batteries! It’s a quality product that has a switch to turn off/on and a cooling fan. Yellow light when charging and green when done.

February 1, 2018

The alligator clips are so cheaply made it is extremely difficult to keep them attached to the battery terminals. The cord is also cheaply made. It likely contributes to the problem with keeping clips connected. I recommend choosing something else.

Nancy F
February 12, 2019

This was a second purchase because the first failed after 2 year warranty. The battery it charged, eventually died. The Gill #7035-28 expanded. Im assuming overcharge. Teledyne has been unresponsive in phone calls and emails. I do not recommend!!

Michael W Verified Purchase


March 3, 2023

I bought the Gill battery charger for my G-35 battery less then a year ago. The documents state that the unit can be left on for extended periods of time. I charged my battery for a week and it boiled all the distilled water from the battery. The battery was destroyed and having difficulties with Gill to warranty the charger.

Dan J
August 18, 2021


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Q: Will this charger be work on my sealed Gill G-25S?

Yes, the GC-012 is safe for maintaining and charging any Gill 12v battery.

Q: Can this Gill GC-012 charger be used to activate a new Gill 12V battery?

Per the supplier: Yes, this can be used to activate a new 12v Gill battery.

Q: Will this Gill GC-012 charger work as a GPU and put out power even when not connected to a battery?

Per Gill: It is really only meant for charging and maintaining 12v batteries, not as a GPU. It is much too small for that type of work.

Q: Can I leave this connected all winter to maintain my battery?

No, the manufacturer does not recommend leaving the Gill GC-012 (11-09985) connected all winter.

Q: Can this Gill GC-012 charger be used to maintain a battery for multiple weeks between battery uses?

Per supplier: Yes, it will do exactly that.

Q: Will this Gill GC-012 charger also work as a desulaftor similar to the battery minder?

It does not. It's a float charger so it starts out charging the battery to 14 volts and then holds it at a constant 13.5 volt charge so it does not need to desulfate.

Q: With regard to my previous question, the concern I have can be addressed by adding narrative to the Specifications explaining that the charging Output is 14.4VDC according to the specifications in the Gill manual. One of the previous questions indicated the charger will meet the requirements for the initial charge procedure.

Thank you for your suggestion. We have updated the Specifications to include your reference from the manual.

Q: The overview states the GC-012 may be connected for a long period of time. How Long ? The answer to a question states the GC-012 should not be connected all winter. How long may the GC-012 be connected and charging/maintaining a Gill 35 battery ?

The GC-012 and GC-024/E can be connected/charging/maintaining a battery for up to six months. This information can be found in Gills CMM, Section 5.4 Float Charging.

Q: Please can you recommend the correct Battery charger / maintance charger for a GILL 243 battery for my Cessna

Yes, you can use P/N# 11-14350 or 11-10570.

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