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Pilot Light Pro serves two main functions. It provides hands free panel lighting, as well as map lighting. using the latest in LED technologies it delivers 19 hours of continuous use. Pilot Light Pro is delivered with two AA Procell 1500 batteries installed, and may also optionally be installed using ships power. The internal circuit board will cut off the internal battery source once ships power is turned on. Loss of ships power will return the unit back to it's battery source, leaving you with light to work by in the advent of any problem i.e. loss of alternator.

Quick Installation
Installation is quick and easy if using battery only option, simply peel and stick using 3M power lock. The panel light is fully adjustable see our web site for installation instructions. Wiring to ship's power will require a Licensed A&P and a 337 Form, field approval may be required by local Fisdo.


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Looks like a grate product.

June 1, 2019

Ive used this for four years in my turbo-arrow. It works great. The green light illuminates the instrument panel much better than the original red light.

Norman M
January 23, 2019

I looked for quite a while before purchasing have jus received and not installed but did a trial test in the aircraft tonight on batteries I purchased the Red as all my other lighting was that colour and I thought changing would be distraction. The forward dash light as others have said is very bright when turned to full and the map lights look like they will be just whats needed. The 12 volt connection looks very simple indeed.

Stephen F
July 23, 2018

Ive flown many dark nights with this little gem & have been surprised how long the batteries that come with it last. The panel in my 150 is lit up very well even turned way down. I picked the green as what the inventor recommended to me saying it made the gauges brighter than the red. I am very satisfied.

Steve P
March 9, 2018

Simple to install. Forward swiveling LED lights rheostat controlled and if placed right can illuminate your whole panel (good emergency lighting if you lose a generator). Small white kneeboard LEDs are on/off and don’t dim but brightness and narrow pattern make them perfect kneeboard lights. But they are both controlled together (cannot turn on only one). Overall a great light for prestart, back-up panel lighting, and kneeboard illumination.

Jr H
January 18, 2018

This is a real nice product easy to install and a great upgrade for interior aircraft that has the old style lighting that is either obsolete or you can’t see the instruments This is my second unit I have purchased very simple and very effective

Stewart S
December 17, 2017

I have had these lights installed since August 2014 they work perfectly and exactly what I need for nighttime flying easy to install and very reliable I would recommend these to anybody who needs additional lighting jim

January 3, 2016

I bought this because the instrument panel lighting in my C150 is dreadful. This unit is awesome. It lights up everything with no light spill over onto the windscreen. The only thing I would like to see is a 12V cord so that batteries aren't an issue. Otherwise, it is perfect. Hard wiring it in looks like a pain with the required documentation. Great product overall.

Wayne H
September 10, 2014

Just had it delivered yesterday (2/15/17). The unit is small (plus), which can be mounted in convenient places. The unit has an adjustable panel light (big plus). There are 2 isolated map lights (big plus), but are not able to be dimmed (Minus). Finally the lights are adjustable (plus), but they are hard to get adjusted (neutral). Overall great buy and looking forward to putting this in my Cherokee 180.

Trevor W
February 16, 2017

I have this unit (red light) hard wired in my airplane. The dimmable flood for the instrument panel is excellent, love it. One of the two map lights failed shortly after installation. The adhesive strips that hold the unit overhead have failed in hot weather. I recently replaced those mounting strips with heavy duty 15 pound Velcro. Great flood light with a few issues.

Don K
July 17, 2017


Q: Do you have a suction cup mount for the Pilot Light Pro so I can mount it to a glass bubble canopy? Thanks, Jan

Per the manufacturer, unfortunately there is no suction cup mount for this light at this time (Feb. 19, 2013). Please review the Installation Instructions found in the "Documents" tab for mounting directions.

Q: The photos look like the pilot light pro provides blue, red and green light. Does the unit provide white light as well?

No. This light is available in blue, red, or green light. It will not provide all 3 and it is not available in white. Use the "dropdown" list on the web page to select preferred color.

Q: Could you please supply the dimensions of the Pilot Light Pro.

The Pilot light pro is 4 3/4" long and 4 3/8" wide. The depth is 2" at the widest point.

Q: Do you have the Pilot Light Pro for 14 volts aircraft?

This product will work on both 14v and 28v aircraft systems.

Q: The documentation with the unit says it will only accept a 12v input if hard wired to the aircraft. Can you confirm that it WILL work with a 28v aircraft without damaging the unit?

No, P/N# 11-07819 will not work with 28V system.

Q: Is the Pilot Light Pro unit approved (PMA)?

No, this product is not FAA PMA Approved. Wiring to ship's power will require a Licensed A&P and a 337 Form, field approval may be required by local Fisdo. Please contact your A&P to review the approval process before attempting install.

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