Aviation Battery Charger

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Part# 11-14846
MFR Model# QPES122410


Industrial quality charger. Is user programmable to charge all lead acid batteries, wet cell, AGM, or gel type. A digital volt meter and amp meter gives the operator REAL information, along with a tri-color LED to track charge progress. For safety, polarity protected, and current limited. Can be left connected and charging while engine is started. Prevents sulfation of battery if left connected, no need for an extra product. Will turn on and recover batteries with as little as 2 volts. 3 year warranty, Made in U.S.A


  • DC battery voltage: 12 and 24 (14 & 28 volt systems)
  • DC output: 10 amps
  • AC input: 120 volt 60Hz. 4 amps
  • Battery Connection: Clamps
  • AC cord length: 8
  • DC cord length: 6
  • H.W.D: 6.5 x 7 x 8
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Exelent 👌

Afelio S Verified Purchase


March 18, 2022

Great charger for aircraft batteries.

December 24, 2019


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Q: Will this charger charge at 28v?

Yes, it charges at both 12 and 24 volts including the high range @ 28v.

Q: Will this charger connect to a standard Cessna 3 pin connector and charge the battery, or does it have to be connected directly to the battery posts?

This would need to be connected directly to the battery. It does not have the correct plug for the Cessna connector.

Q: Can this unit also be used as a power supply?

No, it is not intended to be used as a GPU.

Q: Will this charge automotive batteries?

Yes, it can also be used on automotive lead acid, wet cell, and AGM batteries.

Q: What is exact output voltage for both systems?

The exact output is: 10 dc amps,12-24 volt, 117 volt 60hz(3 amp) 80-150 amp hour @ 20 hr rate

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