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Certification: The VP-X is for use only with experimental and light sport aircraft.

Note: Either a wiring harness kit or connector-only kit is required with the VP-X system.

The VP-X integrates with many popular EFIS products enabling you to monitor and control your entire electrical system on the EFIS display. In addition using the EFIS for attitude, navigation, and engine information, you now can use the EFIS display to monitor the health of your electrical system, view and control the status of individual circuits, and respond to circuit faults.

Vertical Power offers these capabilities through the use of a patented electronic circuit breaker (ECB) technology that is at the core of all of our products. Of course, ECBs provide circuit protection like old-fashion thermal circuit breakers, but ECBs do a lot more than just detect circuit faults. ECBs are intelligent, configurable, and offer capabilities not otherwise available with old-style breakers. For example, ECBs can detect a burned-out landing light or disable the starter circuit while the engine is running.

The VP-X supports a single bus electrical architecture with a single or dual alternator configuration. It additionally supports the ability to measure the voltage on an aux battery. There are enough circuits to wire a typical RV (including the RV-10), Glastar, Lancair Legacy, Velocity, Cozy, or other 2 to 4 place aircraft.

Wiring With the VP-X
Wiring your airplane is a serious project. No one can make it easy, but we can make it a lot easier. We provide complete instructions, how-to guides, tool rentals, wiring harnesses and wiring diagrams to assist with your project.

Rather than a mess of wiring behind the panel, you wire from the VP-X directly to each electrical device. Run a power wire from the VP-X to the landing light. Run a power wire to the EFIS. Run a power wire to the transponder. Run a bundle of five wires to a trim servo. Run two wires to the flap motor. And so on. Run a small wire from each trim switch, the flap switch, and panel switch to the VP-X.

Then use the setup menus in the EFIS to configure your system. You specify which power pin each device is connected to, what the circuit breaker values are, and which switch should turn each device (or group of devices) on or off.

You can use any type of switch you like to match your panel.
DualBuss™ Technology
The VP-X Pro includes Vertical Power’s new DualBuss™ technology that has two independent power busses in a single system, delivering unprecedented levels of redundancy and safety. Builders can now easily divide avionics and other electrical loads between two power busses, and should one bus controller fail the other bus will continue to operate independently and be able to provide power to the starter contactor. Each bus controller is powered by an independent power supply and microprocessor.

Cost Analysis

Below is a table showing the cost of various components for your aircraft to achieve a basic level of functionality to the VP-X. As you look at each component, consider the added complexity for the wiring, learning, troubleshooting, and mounting requirements for each one. We think you’ll find the cost and simplicity of the VP-X is very competitive.


Old Way”


Circuit breakers



Landing light wig-wag module



Trim controller w/ harness



Flap positioning system



Flap controller w/ harness



Flap over-speed warning module



Over-voltage module





Not needed



Not needed

E-bus diode


Not needed

Airspeed switch


Not needed

What you will need VP-X System

What you won't need " Old Way"

EFIS (see list of supported

Circuit breakers/fuses

models further down the page)

(except for backup circuits)

Panel switches, including master, mag and starter

Shunt/hall effect sensor

Trim switch(es), on panel or stick

Over-voltage module

Flap switch, on panel or stick

Low-voltage alarm

Battery contactor

Flap positioning system

Starter contactor

Flap controller

VP-X Wiring Harness or Connector-Only Kit,

Flap over-speed module

(sold separately)

Mechanical airspeed switch

Flap position sensor (optional)

Trim controller

Big wires between battery, starter, and VP-X

Trim speed controller

Wig-wag module

Trim or flap position indicators

Trim relays

Trim voltage regulator

Avionics relay

E-bus diode

VP-X System Capabilities


VP-X Sport

VP-X Pro

2A circuits*



3A circuit*



5A circuits*



10A circuits*



15A circuits*



Starter contactor circuit



Pitch trim motor controller



Roll trim motor controller



Reversible flap motor control with braking



Flap and trim position sensor inputs






Power supplies



Flap and trim switch inputs



Panel switch inputs



Aux battery voltage measurement



Starter annunciator





14v or 28v

Main power input from battery contactor



RS-232 interface to EFIS



Ethernet interface to PC



* Circuit breaker value can be set anywhere between 1 amp and the maximum value shown.


The VP-X requires an EFIS for alarm and status display. The currently supported systems include:
• Advanced Flight Systems 3400s, 3500s, 4500s, 5500s, 5600s
• Grand Rapids Technologies HX and Sport SX
• MGL Avionics Voyager/Odyssey Gen II/MGL Avionics Xtreme
• Garmin G3X
• Dynon Skyview

Software Updates and Setup
Software updating and system configuration are performed using a PC application that runs on Windows and connects to the VP-X via an Ethernet cable.

Weight Analysis
The VP-X weighs 1.9 pounds. Depending on the aircraft and the way it is outfitted, the VP-X comes in about net-neutral or a few pounds of weight savings.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Power: 6-32 volts DC, 70A max continuous
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Mounting: Includes mounting bracket which attaches on side of VP-X. User can fabricate own mounting bracket as well.
  • Connectors: Three power connectors, Ethernet for configuration, and two 25-pin d-sub connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +85 deg C
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digital power box working as expected, has multiple interfaces to communicate with controllers (Switch IOs, serial and ethernet) output are 5 or 10 or 15A and are individually protected. This simplifies overall wiring.

Olivier G Verified Purchase


October 11, 2021

Arrived in great shape very good packaging. Im setting up the backbone in my RV8A now and will be testing the unit in the near future. I like the solid state nature of the vpx and ease of setting it up.

Thomas W
March 30, 2018

The unit was shipped in a ragged out used box. IT looked like it had been removed from the vendor packaging and repackaged. I guess I expected to see packaging that was a bit more professional for such an important component. Also, the pro spec crimper was placed on back order after I placed the order. Since it hasnt arrived with the shipment, Im not able to begin the installation.

February 20, 2017


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: I would like to know if we can connect the vp-x with the new Garmin G3X touch?

Yes, The VP-X is compatible with the Garmin G3X touch.

Q: I have both 14 & 28 vdc systems in my plane. Can the VP-X pro support both of these?

Yes, however the trim circuits are only able to operate on 14V.

Q: Is the DYNON /G3X software patch provided along with the Vertical Power VP-X hardware?

G3X does not require additional software. The Dynon unlock code can be purchased under part number 10-04810.

Q: Vertical power offers mounting tray for their VP-X but I dont see it. Is it possible to order the VP-X tray separately?

Yes, use our part # 11-13135 for the tray. See Accessories tab.

Q: Does the vertical system support the 10.4 inch MGL Challenger EFIS?

According to the manufacturer the following units are supported: MGL Avionics Voyager/Odyssey Gen II/MGL Avionics Xtreme.

Q: Does this Vertical Power device have DC to DC converting function?

No, this is designed to act as a digital circuit breaker system.

Q: Is this devices has 14DC to 28DC converting function?

No, it does not step up or down voltages. Please see p/n 11-02888 for a step up converter for 14vdc to 28vdc.

Q: I see the older Grand Rapids HX’s are supported but is the New Horizon / sport 10.1 included in the these options ?

Per the manufacturer this will work with the Horizon HXr and the Sport SX

Q: What are the dimensions of the Vertical Power VP-X units?

9.47 x 7.375 x 1.705. 2.1 lbs

Q: Does the VPX Pro include the mounting tray?

Mounting: Includes mounting bracket which attaches on side of VP-X. User can fabricate own mounting bracket as well.

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