B & C Bc462-H Alternator

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Part# 07-17985
MFR Model# BC462-H


The high-performance spline-driven alternator from the company that pioneered the spline-driven alternator over 20 years ago! The BC462-H mounts on a standard AND20000-spec accessory pad, and offers robust performance with a rated output of 35 to 45 amps @ cruise RPM. Every BC462-H features a CNC machined billet aluminum mounting flange for superior durability, heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, two internal cooling fans, a precision dynamically-balanced rotor (a B&C quality essential), and a special “shear section” drive coupling. Suitable for 14 volt or 28 volt applications, the BC462-H is designed for aircraft-style external control, and may be used as either a Primary or a Standby Alternator, depending on the electrical system configuration (see note below).

Includes mounting gasket and pre-wired field connector assembly.
Weight: 6.75 lbs.

L-40, BC460-H, BC410-H, and BC462-H alternators require external regulators - use: P/N 07-06742 (LR3C) for 14V Primary, P/N 07-06786 (LS-1A) for 28V Primary, P/N 07-03461 (SB1B-14) for 14V Standby, and P/N 07-03462 (SB1B-28) for 28V Standby.


  • Approx Dims: 6 inch long and 4.17 inch diameter.


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Q: Is this B&C BC462-H alternator an FAA certified or PMAd for use on an aircraft (any aircraft)?

No, this unit is for use in homebuilt / experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does this alternator have two small white wires coming out of the back? Our one has a connector plug with two pins going into one white wire. I know one spade connector is for the alt output indicator bu5 Im not sure what the other spade connector is for?

Per Manufacturer: There is a single wire which comes from the regulator to the alternator. At the field plug we add a pigtail so that the field wire uses two points of connection instead of just one. So both wire have the same function, to power the alternator field.

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