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Part# 07-01860
MFR Model# 912


The E-Z Heat Engine Preheater system fits the Rotax motors and many other light sport aircraft on the market today. The system consists of two heater pads connected with a common "Light Bright" power cord. Installation is easy by peeling and sticking a pad on both the sump and on the oil tank to assure the engine gets the proper amount of heat.
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Great product , went on easy and really does the job. It was -22 this morning and my oil temp gauge read 95 degrees and the CHT gauge was at 71 degrees. Best heater for the money here. Have a friend with another brand with bands around cylinders and his temps were both below 0 degrees and it would not start. He now has the E-Z Heat system also

January 28, 2016

works great very easy to put on, excellent product for the price.

August 25, 2014

It seems to get very hot and keeps the oil very warm. The first one I got was defective and burned up I think the thermostat failed but aircraft spruce was great and replaced it for me . Installation was easy . Instructions are not that great and I think they should have a you tube installation. I had questions like where exactly to place the tab on the oil pan and oil tank. Where should the cords be routed and how much should stick out ? How much sealer to apply? I flew today with a warm engine it was nice.

March 8, 2019

I've used EZ Heater before on other applications With expected results good. On the 912 applying the pad requires contouring to oil tank which did not go well. As I mentioned before with Lycoming use no problems and experienced years of use.

Mike C
October 23, 2014

I used this kind on a Cessna with great results. The Rotax model is hard to install with limited instructions. The stiff pad will not roll onto a cylindrical tank (even when heated by plug in and hot air gun on warm surface), and the one for the bottom of the engine is slightly too wide. Mine smoked when I plugged it in, probably from the crack induced by installing it on the tank, so I removed it. Wasted money - I just ordered the Reiff model. Its worth the extra money to get something that will work. A shame, because flexibility and proper sizing would make it the choice.

Riley S
December 4, 2016


Q: Re E-Z Heat 912 Engine Pre-heater: How many watts are the two heating pads in total?

Per the supplier: 300 Watts total.

Q: On my RV-12 will there be specific instructions on where to place the elements on the engine and oil tank? If I put the heater system on a timer, how much time before engine start is required to bring the oil in the external tank up to the heater temperature?

Per Vendor: There are instructions but you can tell him one pad goes on the oil tank (bottom, you can wrap it around the bottom below the oil level) and one goes on the engine case ( also on the bottom ). They just have to be within the oil line. It usually takes 3 to 5 hours to completely warm the engine but it depends on the outdoor temperatures.

Q: Can this unit be plugged in 24 hours / 7 days a week?

Yes, you can as long as you can fly once or twice a week.

Q: What is the dimensions of the heating pads?

There are two pads and they each measure 6" x 1.5"

Q: How long does this unit take to heat a 3-4 qt sump or oil tank to safe engine start operating levels?

It would depend on the ambient air temp and the aircraft temp but usually 3 hour or so. 5 hours max if its really cold.

Q: How many amps does the one and two pad E-Z Heat units draw?

Most are around 2.4 amps. The 2 pad is 2.58 amps.

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