Gretz Aero Ga-1000 Heated Pitot Tubes

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Part# 10-01715
MFR Model# GA-1000


The Gretz Aero GA-1000 is a totally new design of heated pitot tube. It is molded from a very high-tech polymer material that has nearly the same thermal conductivity as that of metal. This new design has electronics embedded in the Pitot tube.

It also comes with a small electronic control module to control the heat of the Pitot as well as to provide information to the pilot regarding thermal and heater performance of the Pitot tube. This done by way of a 3/16 inch diameter multi-conductor cable that has a LED board already attached that will mount conveniently on the panel.

The Pitot tube has a very modern and sleek shape that is pleasing to the eye. It is very dark grey to black in color and can be painted if desired. The GA-1000 will fit the Gretz mounting bracket kits that were designed for other popular Pitot tubes. The GA-1000 Pitot tubes come with the electronic control module, the LED board and cable, Pitot mounting screws, electronic control module mounting hardware, and of course, complete instructions for installation and use.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Bought this from ACS 5/17 for my Vans RV8 project. Now (8/19) a couple months from first flight & going thru final system checks. Recently installed the supplied LED status panel. With 12V power confirmed to control module (VOM check), there is no green light on the LED panel - indicating system not in ready state/problem somewhere in system. Pitot thermocouple? Control module? LED panel? No way of knowing. All wiring continuity confirmed. There is NO troubleshooting guide. no longer exists. No support on web. With no green light on the LED status board Ive lost all confidence that the system is functional. Checking with a bag of ice will not tell me what problem in the system causes the lack of a green LED light on the status panel. I will not risk using this in icing conditions. Im now forced to look at alternative heated pitots. Sunk cost. Lesson learned.

Rv8 B
August 18, 2019


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Q: Does this Gretz AERO GA-1000 come in 24V version?

No, it only comes in a 12V version.

Q: What is the max electric current drawn when heating the GA-1000 pitot tube? What size wire and breaker?

The GA-1000 draws 7 Amps while heating. Use a 14 GA wire and 10 amp circuit breaker.

Q: How long is the cable supplied with this Pitot Tube, and is additional cable required for power or does the multicore also power the unit?

This has about 16 of wire supplied. Red for +, black for -, and two small white wires that are attached to the controller.

Q: What warranty with this item?

There is no warranty on this item as the supplier has decided to no longer manufacture these components.

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