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Part# 11-09744
MFR Model# SP-6


The SP-6 magnetometer is a three axis, tilt compensated electronic compass system. It outputs magnetic heading information. In the case of a standalone SP-6, tilt compensation is performed by deriving the attitude of the SP-6 sensor using on-board accelerometers which are used to vector the direction of gravity. The magnetic field is measured using three magnetometers which are mounted perpendicular to each other resulting in three magnetic force vectors.

Using three magnetic force vectors and knowledge of attitude allows calculation of magnetic heading even if the SP-6 is not horizontal. if you have a SP-7 AHRS connected to the same Airtalk bus as the SP-6, the SP-6 will use the attitude data from the SP-7 to calculate the heading. If your SP-6 is set to gyro mode and horizon data is being received, your SP-6 will use the gyro derived horizon rather than the built in accelerometers for tilt compensation. In this case, heading is correct even during turns.


  • Weight:
    Excluding cables: 126 grams
    Including cables: 175 grams (RCA signal and DB9 power cable included)
  • Electrical and Temperature Characteristics:
    Input voltage range: 8V to 20V DC regulated preferred for maximum performance.
    11-14V is suggested as operating voltage.
    Current consumption: 50 mA (heater off) at 13.8VDC input voltage
    120 mA (heater on) at 13.8VDC input voltage
    Temperature Regulation: 35C (internally maintained temperature)
  • Accelerometer Specifications
    Accelerometers: MEMS
    Sensor Limits: +/- 8G
    Maximum G-force loading: 30G (any axis)
  • Output Messages
    Interface: MGL Avionics Airtalk compatible
    Normal output message: 50 ms (average) latency
    Raw output message: 12 ms (average) latency
  • Magnetic sensors
    Sensor type: Magnetoresistive, three axis
    Measurement headroom: 3:1 based on field strength at magnetic equator
    Accuracy: +/-1.5 typical, sensor horizontal, clean field
    Tilt compensation: Accelerometers or external gyro derived horizon


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Q: Can the SP-6 module be used for attitude reference? Does it have an horizon output?

Per the manual, the SP-6 outputs magnetic heading information. Attitude data would come from an SP-7.

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