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Part# 11-09743
MFR Model# SP-7


The SP-7 AHRS is MGL Avionics's seventh generation AHRS system. The core building blocks of the system includes a three axis ST MEMS rate gyroscope, a three axis ST MEMS accelerometer and an ARM Cortex 32-bit microprocessor system.

While the SP-7 is much cheaper than a traditional AHRS system as installed in military aircraft or airliners, the very same principles of operation are used and the same restrictions and limitations are present. More than with any other system in your aircraft, the performance of the AHRS is dependent on the correct installation of the system.

The SP-7 is a “strapdown AHRS”, a term used for a system that is not based on the traditional spinning body gyroscope (vacuum or electric gyro) but rather uses three separate gyroscopic devices to measure rotation rates around each of the three major axis. This is combined with three accelerometers that measure specific force in the same three axis.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Weight:
    Excluding cables: 126 grams
    Including cables: 175 grams (RCA signal and DB9 power cable included)
  • Electrical and Temperature Characteristics:
    Input voltage range: 8V to 20V DC regulated preferred for maximum performance.
    11-14V is suggested as operating voltage.
    Current consumption: 50 mA (heater off) at 13.8VDC input voltage
    120 mA (heater on) at 13.8VDC input voltage
    Temperature Regulation: 35ºC (internally maintained temperature)
  • Accelerometer Specifications
    Accelerometers: MEMS
    Sensor Limits: +/- 8G
    Maximum G-force loading: 30G (any axis)
  • Rate Gyroscope Specifications:
    Rate Gyroscopes: MEMS
    Maximum rate : 250º/second
    Non-linearity: 0.2% FS, best straight line fit
  • Attitude calculations:
    Quaternion system, IEEE Single floating point, normalized.
    No attitude angle restrictions in any axis.
    Quaternion update rate: 40Hz
    Euler angle output rate: 10Hz
  • Output Messages
    Interface: MGL Avionics Airtalk compatible
    Normal output message: 50 ms (average) latency
    Raw output message: 12 ms (average) latency




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Q: Can I use the MGL SP-7 AHRS with my Garmin 796?

No, the MGL SP-7 is designed to be used with MGL avionics only. It is not compatible with other manufacturer systems. For the Garmin Aera 796 to display AHRS, you will need the Garmin GDL 39 3D, part # 11-12368 for Bluetooth connectivity and part # 11-12371 for hardwire connection.

Q: Are the connection cables included or ordered separately with the MGL SP-7 AHRS?

No harness is supplied with this unit. One must be made according to the install manual.

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