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Part# 10-03905
MFR Model# 2-1/4 & 3-1/8


Yellow, red, green and white, pressure sensitive. Just pull off backing and place on instrument lens.


The best operating range decals I have ever bought. I recommend them to all my pilot friends.

Buzz H
October 22, 2020

Good that this is available

June 23, 2020

Good product

Darryl K
May 11, 2020

Ja, gut werk!

David A
June 22, 2019

They work great. Second time I have used them. Will use them again.

James R
March 23, 2019

Worked fine

Flying D
March 9, 2017

Worked nice

Flying D
March 9, 2017

These decal worked pretty well, although the green was not long enough. I made it work by using two strips but it is not optimum. otherwise I am very happy with how easy they were to install cleanly. they formed quite nicely to my guage.

Patrick S
April 12, 2020

Should have also mentioned, that there are actually TWO of the small arcs included, not just 1 as shown in the picture. So you will get 1 long arc (for a 3 instrument) and 2 short arcs (for a 2 instrument). Note that you cant really use the small arcs on a 3 instrument because the radius of the circle/arc is too small. So if you need a long arc in any color (probably will only be the case for the green arc), you will need to order 2 sets of these decals, not just 1 set... or the green arc may not be long enough to cover your entire range (this was the case for me with an RV-6 and a Falcon 30kts-180kts ASI).

Steve H
December 6, 2019

I guess the green arc on a Vans RV-6 is bigger than most planes... and/or the Falcon ASI (reads from 30 to 180 kts) has a long range/travel... because the green arc that comes with this decal set is not long enough to cover 50kts to 150 kts. So I had to splice all 3 of the green arcs together to cover the full range, which looks a little messy. I will be ordering another set so that I can splice just 2 long arcs together to cover the whole range. Would be nice if an additional long green arc decal was included in this pack. Other than that, it worked fine, installed with minimal fuss, and looks and works good. ACS support and speed of delivery were awesome, as always... and the price was good.

Steve H
December 6, 2019


Q: Hello. What size instruments are these designed for?

This product will come with 2-1/4" and 3-1/8" decals on one sheet.

Q: How does one install the operating range decals to a gauge? I wish them to be inside the glass.

These operating range decals are intended to be placed on the instrument lens by pealing off the backing and placing on the glass. These decals were not intended to be used inside a gauge.

Q: For the operating range decals, how many degrees of arc are provided for each sticker? How many of each color in each size are provided? It it just one of each as pictured?

There are 135 degrees of coverage. The amount shown on our site is the exact number included in the package.

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