Nine Inch Venturi

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Part# 15052
MFR Model# 15052


A venturi is a relatively low cost means of producing the vacuum to operate gyroscopic instruments (turn/bank, directional gyro and artificial horizon). It is mounted on the fuselage, parallel with the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. As the aircraft moves through the air, suction is created in the venturi throat. Since the venturi throat is connected by a tube to the gyro instrument case, air is sucked out of the instrument, causing air to enter an inlet port and strike the gyro rotor, which then spins rapidly and activates the instrument. A vacuum regulator and/or restrictor valve may be needed to limit the vacuum to that required for proper instrument operation This super venturi is similar in appearance to the 4" venturi but with redesigned air passages & re- contoured, long horn; 11-1/4". Pulls enough vac- uum to operate a gyro horizon, directional gyro & turn/bank. Must be used with a suction regulator.
Made in USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Pulls 6-7 inches at 75 MPH
  • Is capable of running two gyros
  • The bolt hole spacing is 1.5 inch squared
  • Outlet is 1/4 NPT


Hi Guys and Girls Your promptness and service are excellent as usual The Venturi arrived packed in bubble wrap and well boxed, however there were a couple of small dents in the spun aluminium tube, My guess is they happened early on in the game maybe on the shelf or at the manufacturers! I can repair to my satisfaction so no issues, just thought you should know. Best regards Nigel Ellis

Nigel E
October 17, 2019


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Q: What cruise speed is needed to have reliable vacuum from this venturi?

The only available speed information is that it pulls 6-7 inches at 75 MPH.

Q: What regulator do you use with the Nine Inch Venturi?

A popular option is the RAPCO RA2H3-19 Vacuum Regulator part #10-04780.

Q: The overview says that this will power three instruments and the specifications say that it will power two instruments. Can you clarify? How many vacuum instruments will this run? I have a Gyro horizion, and a DG on my tri pacer and want to use this as a vacuum source.

This unit pulls enough to operate a gyro horizon, directional gyro & turn/bank. It must be used with a suction regulator to function.

Q: Is this 9 inch Venturi FAA Approved?

No, it is not FAA approved.

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