Part# 06-00716
MFR Model# DTR20-400


Aero Classic Tubes Tested to MIL-I-5014F

*Can be used with Tundra Tires.
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One of the tubes had 2 pinhole leaks on the exterior seam. Aircraft spruce replaced so all is good.

Gene E Verified Purchase


August 28, 2021

Harry L Verified Purchase


July 27, 2021

Victor B Verified Purchase


July 7, 2021

Holding air after a few weeks,,,well see how it goes after a couple months. So far so good.

Greg D
February 18, 2021

This is the second set of leak guard tires and tubes. I have had no problems over the life span of the tire and tube in service. I have very tight wheel pants on a canard airplane that would be damaged with a flat. Very little air required over the service life of the tire. Installing brand new tubes with the new tire installation.

Jack K
August 18, 2020

Product arrived in a timely manner and appears to be of excellent quality.

J. B
June 25, 2020

Correct product and quick delivery!

Fred T
June 1, 2020

The Leakguard Inner Tube worked fine on my ZTR mower.... The mower swivel front wheel came off and the mower blades cut the tire and wheel. The wheel rim had to be heated to straighten the collapsed area without the side breaking out, then the 2 inch sliced gap was welded, weld smoothed down, and looked great. The mower wheel shaft is 1 in. diameter and discontinued. All other mower wheels have 3/4 inch openings and a bolt going through. I could not get a substitute wheel from a different type or different manufacturer. So I had get the rim repaired. I needed a heavy duty inner tube because of the damage to the wheel, even though the repair was almost like new. I did not want slow leaks. I found this 11 x 400 x 5 Tr87 with 90 degree bent valve stem, Leakguard Inner Tube for small aircraft, on your website. I thought this is the best choice for the abuse this mower gets on rough ground, roadside, thick weeds and grass. It was a little difficult to install in the small, tubeless, 4 ply tires, but the effort was well worth it. Thanks so much Air Craft Spruce, This is a fine product. Danny

Danny A
April 12, 2020

By mistake I ordered the same item twice. A woman in customer service called me and asked if I really wanted the same item twice. I said that I did not and she cancelled one order. Very good and very considerate of her. I hope that she is appreciated at ACS.

Byron E
December 7, 2019

These tubes rock. I put them on my Comp Air 6 and I havent had to add any air in a year. Most other tubes you have to top off about every three months. As it says in the instructions, recheck pressure the next day after initial installation because the air trapped between the tire and tube will bleed off. After that they just dont leak. Well worth the slight extra cost over standard tubes.

Kurt E
May 31, 2019


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Q: Does this tube have 90 degree valve stem?

Yes, 90 degree bent stem.

Q: will this tube fit 5.00x5 tire?

No, you would want 06-00755.

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