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Install these axle shims between your landing gear and axles to insure that your tires track true.
Correct any misalignment of toe-in or toe-out in 1/4" increments.

Selection Guide

How to Select the Proper Axle Shim

1. Support the aircraft in level flying attitude.

2. Chalkline the center-line of the aircraft onto the floor. Do this by connecting a mark on the floor from directly beneath the center of the firewall (use a plumb-bob) and from directly beneath the center of the tail (also using a plumb-bob).

3. Place a 36" straight edge against the outside of the tire. It should be parallel with the floor and approximately centered on the wheel.

4. Make a mark on the floor directly beneath each end of the 36" straight edge. Use a plumb-bob or square for this.

5. Measure and record distances D-1 and D-2. These are the distances between the marks in step 4 and the aircraft center-line.

6. Calculate Delta D, which is the difference between D-1 and D-2. Delta D changes by 0.157" for each 1/4".

To Change Delta D by 0.10" - 0.25" Use 1/4" Shim
To Change Delta D by 0.25" - 0.40" Use 1/2" Shim
To Change Delta D by 0.40" - 0.55" Use 3/4" Shim



Q: How many shims are included with Part Number: 6102-3?

This is sold per shim. So only 1 is included in P/N# 06-00930.

Q: Is the 1/4 inch shim rotated to adjust toe in from .10 to .25 and the 1/2 shim rotated to adjust from .25 to .40?

The shims are in degrees, so if you order a 1/4 degree shim that will give you a 1/4 degree correction. They are not adjustable.

Q: What is the difference between 500x5 & 600x6? I have a Cessna 180.

That is the wheel / tire size. For the Cessna 180, you will need the 600x6.

Q: Will this work with the MATCO AXLE A1?

You would have to check your axle dimensions using the PDF in the Documents section.

Q: I would like to confirm the hole pattern of Part# 06-00927. Is it 1.370 X 1.370?

Yes that is the correct pattern.

Q: How do you know which is the thinner end?

The best way to tell would be to measure it with a micrometer.

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