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Part# 06-02501
MFR Model# AA4K5


Aero Classic Tundra 22 x 8.50-6 4 Ply

"Pillow Soft" 22 x 8.50-6 4 Ply stands 22 inches tall and weighs in "featherlight" at under 10 lbs. Compare that to a standard 850-6 6 Ply which average 15 lbs. each.

The load rating is 1,600 lbs. per tire. Tube Type.



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The tires are a tight fit with Cleveland wheels and brakes. One of the tires is slightly out of round and brake back plate touches the tire on a four inch area each rotation. There is only a few thousands clearance overall. I only have four landings and no substantial markings on the tire. Overall the tires work great on the soft wet turf. I would recommend them. They work well.

Harvey S
September 2, 2020

Good tires at a reasonable price. Shipping was rabbit fast.

Bob H
April 3, 2020

We put these on a light super cub that operates from grass strips. Sometimes the field is muddy sometimes a little snow. These tires are great so far as compared to the original super cub tires and really help to smooth out the bumps. They also work just fine on pavement and do not wear quickly. Although they wont allow you to land in a boulder field like the big 31 tundra tires, they are great for most applications and are very light. Given that they are 4 ply, they are about perfect in terms of rigidity.

February 11, 2020


Q: What is the load rating of this backcountry LSA tire, Part # 06-02501?

The load rating of this tire is 1600lbs.

Q: Can this Backcountry LSA tundra tire be used tubeless?

No, this is a tubed tire.

Q: What does the Backcountry LSA Tire # 06-02501 weigh?

10 Lbs

Q: Does Backcountry LSA tundra tire have a TSO approval?

Yes, this tire is TSO'd.

Q: Do I need to purchase tubes or is the tube part of the tire? I am referring to the Backcountry LSA tire, part # 06-02501 (BACKCOUNTRY TUNDRA TIRE 850-6 4 PLY).

The tube is not included. You would need an 850-6 tube.

Q: Can the 06-02501 tire be used on a Cleveland 6.00-6 wheel?

Yes, the 6.00-6 wheel is 6-inch, so the 850-6 tire will work with the Cleveland 6.00-6 wheel.

Q: What is the tire pressure for these tires Aero Classic Smooth Tundra FAA TSO 850-6 4 ply tires?

Load rating is 1600 lbs @ 20 psi. Max speed is 120 mph.

Q: Is there any TSO FAA paperwork available to provide the FFA for a field approval for these tires?

Please see the Documents tab of this web page for the TSO approval letter.

Q: Can 800x6 tubes be used with these tires?

The 8.00x6 tube is not large enough to properly inflate this tire, you would need to use a 8.50x6 tube (PART # 06-00765.)

Q: Is there a warranty on the Desser 8.50x6 4 ply tires?

Per the supplier, the warranty on these tires is subject to inspection.

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