Part# 06-08000
MFR Model# AD1A2


2.80/2.50 X 4 4-Ply Specialty Tires Pneumatic Tailwheel Tire. Used on Scott Model 2600 8 wheel assembly.
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Works good lasts a long time

Flying H Verified Purchase

TIRE 2.80/2.50-4 4PLY

October 12, 2021

Have not installed and inflated. Tread appears narrower than tire installed.

Rayford B Verified Purchase

TIRE 2.80/2.50-4 4PLY

September 29, 2021

right part, good price, fast shipping.

Brad M
June 18, 2018

Looks like a good solid tire. Strong sidewalls...

Daryl L
May 19, 2018

Replacement tailwheel tire for a Scott 3200. Quality product. Fit right. Easy install. Couldnt ask for more.

May 4, 2018

This is the best 280x250 tire that I have ever purchased. No sidewall cracks and tread wear has been very low for over 2 years.

Arlan H
April 17, 2018

DON’T buy a cheaper tire, a flat tailwheel is a real PITA!

Kp S
November 25, 2017

I bought this 280/250-4 tire for my Maule pneumatic tailwheel. The OD of the tire is so large that it only provides about 0.050-0060 clearance between the tire and the tailwheel fork. I run it on a Taylorcraft which is light. The tire impacts the fork on landing and causes the tire to bind and chirp on a hard surface. I even tried dropping the pressure to 40 PSI. No change. Maule advises 0.125 minimum clearance. I have nothing to adjust other than change tires. Bottom line is that if youre considering this for a Maule tailwheel, be cognizant of the clearance when you install it. Im still working out the details of the return with Spruce. Im sure theyll make it right. Theyve been very helpful in the past.

Chris M
July 19, 2019


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Q: Is this a straight ribbed tire?

This is a saw tooth tire.

Q: Part # 06-08000: Is this a 4 ply or 6 ply tire?

This part number is a 4 ply tire.

Q: Does it come with the tube?

No, this is the tire only. For the tube, see part # 06-08101.

Q: Who makes this tire?

This tire is made by Specialty Tires of America.

Q: What is the weight of this tire?

Approx 2 lbs.

Q: What is load capacity of this tyre?


Q: Recommended psi and maximum psi? Or link to a site that tells me this?

The max unloaded PSI would be 60 for a tire this spec. The recommended Psi for your aircraft would be in the POH.

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