Goodyear Flight Special II Tube Type Tire 8.00-6 6 Ply 806C61-5

Part# 06-01145
MFR Model# 806C61-5


A popular replacement aircraft tire for light aircraft, the Flight Special is an unsurpassed combination of value and performance. Designed for long tread life, this aircraft tire is built to last. Every strand of nylon cord in the casing has been triple tempered with time, tension and temperature to provide the ultimate in tire construction, uniformity and strength.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Wide rib tread design and large footprint
  • Tough-wearing tread rubber
  • Triple-tempered nylon casing cord


  • Enhanced traction
  • Uniform wear and extended service life
  • Quality construction
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Have not installed them yet. Goodyear tires have always set the benchmark quality and performance

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GOODYEAR FLT SPEC 800-6 6 PLY 806C61-5

May 25, 2021


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Q: What do the numbers 8.00-6 in the tire size represent?

The first group, the 8.00, is section width. Measure the useable tread, even that bit that reaches down the side of the tire, and see the eight inches. The second size, the 6" is the wheel's bead seat diameter. The hole in the tire will be smaller so that it jams on the bead seat so braking forces won't spin it on the wheel. There will be tolerances for both of these sides.

Q: What tube fits this GOODYEAR FLIGHT SPECIAL II TUBE TYPE TIRE - 8.00-6 6 PLY?

The recommended tube for this tire is our part # 06-06300. (See Accessories)

Q: What is the weight of the Goodyear Flight Special 800x6 6 ply tire?

This weighs approximately 11 lbs.

Q: What is the inflated diameter of the 8.00-6 versus 8.50-6?

The inflated size of the tube is dependent on the size of the tire, if that's what you mean. The nominal OD of the 7.00/8.00-6 tube is 18 and the 8.50-6 is 21.5, per the databook.

Q: would a 6.00 - 6 tire fit on the same wheel that currently has a 8.00-6 on it?

Yes, it would fit.

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