Part# 05-00446
MFR Model# SE1069-3
PNLord #
Approved Replacement for Cessna #


Note: Please review the application guide to confirm the correct part number for your aircraft.

The LORD® Fluid-Free Shimmy Damper offers high-performance damping with a maintenance-free design. It uses surface-effect technology to provide consistent damping for nose gears. Instead of using fluids to resist motion, our Shimmy Damper features a unique rubber formulation with a high-tech lubricant to absorb nose wheel shimmy. Since there is no fluid, this damper will not leak.

Accelerated life testing of the LORD Shimmy Damper has demonstrated that it provides targeted damping after over 5,000 ground-air-ground duty cycles. This represents a product life of more than 10 years of usage on a typical high-use aircraft.

NOTE: Installation hardware not included


  • No Hydraulic Fluid: No periodic leaks or loss of damping. No servicing required. Reduced wear of nose gear linkages. Lower operating costs.
  • Consistent Damping from -30° to 150°F: No loss of damping at temperature extremes. Reduced wear of nose gear linkages. Lower operating costs.
  • No Performance Degradation Over Time and Use: Reduced wear of nose gear linkages. Lower operating costs.
  • Large Diameter Shaft: Increased durability. Lower operating costs.
  • Simple Design: High reliability. Lower operating costs.
  • Form, Fit and Function Compatible: Simplicity of use (one-for-one replacement). Compatibility with existing installation.



  • Valuable – Simple design provides high reliability and lowers operating costs.
  • Efficient – Simplicity of use (one-for-one replacement) and compatible with the existing installation.
  • Reliable – Large diameter shaft increases durability and reduces wear of nose gear linkages. No performance degradation over time and use.
  • Versatile – Consistent damping from -30° to 150°F


Cessna could take a lesson. Lord Shimmy Dampener engineers know more than a Cessna engineer. Step up buy one and be done. I can’t imagine what Cessna would want for there sub par dampener. Their proud of their parts. Buy Lord S D. Glad I did.

Barry F Verified Purchase


August 14, 2021

This is a great product. Had shimmy problems every couple of years on my 210. Installed the Lord unit and have not had a shimmy for more than 10 years. It costs a bit more and is worth every penny.

James R
August 4, 2021

Expensive but a nice product

Ormandco A Verified Purchase


August 2, 2021

Delivery was prompt. All necessary hardware supplied and component worked fine.

October 4, 2019

Awesome product that I hope lasts a long time. I was rebuilding my Cessna damper over and over again.

Tim H
December 18, 2018

Looking forward not having to service damper any more. Delivered on time and as promised.

Fred M
August 23, 2018

My Beech one had the inner piston seized due to lack of maintenance. While pricey, the Lord is built well and feels solid. No more occasional shimmy.

Brian M
August 7, 2018

Works great on my 172m Two thumbs up. No more rebuilding the old one!

March 11, 2017

Appears to be well made shimmy damper but does not fit Cessna 210L. One end is larger than Cessna damper and that causes interference with gear door.

Richard O
June 28, 2022


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Q: How heavy is the Lord shimmy damper?

The Lord shimmy damper # SE-1069-3 weighs approximately 1.07 lbs. The other shimmy dampers should be similar in weight.

Q: Is the LORD shimmy dampener a direct replacement part or an STC modification? Is the STC supplied?

It is a direct replacement.

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