Part# 06-03010
MFR Model# 1212
480/400 x 8 / 7012
Tire & Tube Kit
4 / 4.6"06-03010


Ribbed round profile.
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Gerald A
May 16, 2020

Got everything as expected. Good products. Good Service. Thanks for caring about what you do!

Jim R
April 14, 2020

Excellent for the price and FAST shipping. Fit my Skyboy perfectly.

Raymond H
December 24, 2017

Appears to be very well made tires. Casings are very clean without any rubber flash left over from the molding process. 1 tire has ZERO axial or radial runout, and the 2nd tire has ZERO axial but about 1/32 radial runout. I mounted these on Azusa 2 piece 4X600 wheels and a static balance check is almost perfect. A lot more overall quality than I was expecting, especially at such a low price per tire. I gave the tires a 4 star rating only because I dont have any use/time on the tires yet.

August 11, 2019


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Q: What is the inflated diameter of the 13-400 x 6 / 7005 tire? Also, what is there a load carrying capacity?

The inflated diameter is approximately 13 inches. The load carrying capacity is 324 lbs.

Q: How much does the 10X300X4 4 PLY RIBBED TIRE weigh, part # 15-06297?

This tire weighs approx 1.42 lbs.

Q: Does the tube included on kit 06-03010 have a 90 degree stem?

No, the tube in this kit has a straight valve stem.

Q: How much does the 13-400 x 6 / 7011-2 part # 15-04688 tire weigh?

Weighs approximately 2.36 lbs un-inflated.

Q: Can you tell me what the overall diameter is of the 480/400 x 8 / 7012 ribbed tire - round profile?

This will have a 16.3" overall diameter.

Q: How many plys are the 480/400/8 ribbed tire (part # 7012)?

It is 4 ply.

Q: What is the part number for the tire size 13-400x6/7005 part #15-04689?

Our part number is 15-04689, Azusas part number is 7005.

Q: I am looking for a 3.50-6 4 ply ribbed tyre O.D. approx 11.5 inch. Do you have any that may be close to this?

The closest we have would be 06-03000 but it has a 12.5 inch OD.

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