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Azusalite wheels are made from engineering grade Nylon. Combines high tensile and compressive strengths and good impact resistance. Excellent for many homebuilt and ultralight aircraft applications since they weigh 60-70% less than aluminum wheels. Azusalite wheels are offered in 4", 5" and 6" models. Replacement parts and unlisted accessories available on request.

06-02500: AZUSALITE 5" Wheel Used as the main wheels on the Mohawk ultralight, this 5" wheel features 5/8" I.D. sealed ball bearings. Uses 4.10 / 3.50 x 5 or 5.00 x 5 tire & tube.
Max Load: 475 lbs, or the load rating of the tire. Whichever is lower.

06-02600: AZUSALITE 4" Wheel A 4 inch Azusalite wheel featuring 5/8" sealed ball bearings. Uses a 4.10 / 3.50 x 4 tire and tube.
Max Load: 440 lbs, or the load rating of the tire. Whichever is lower.

06-02700: AZUSALITE 6" Wheel - A 6" Azusalite wheel; comes complete w/ 5/8" sealed ball bearings.Uses 4.10 / 3.50-6 or a 6.00-6 tire & tube.
Max Load: 565 lbs, or the load rating of the tire. Whichever is lower.
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Here is an ideal super light wheels for ultralight aircraft 103 exemption: light, respectively strong for the weight limit of 103 (to be safe though dont exceed about 370lbs max force per wheel on rough landing), easy to assemble. Using inner tube is a must. Here I found the ideal set for these wheels - everything mounts well together: 6 wheel #06-02700, Ribbed round tire 13-400 x 6 / #7005, Azusa Tube # 7133 410/350 X 6 , valve 90deg, part #06-00075, I would recommend aircraftspruce to sell all these as a set for aircraft application instead of the go-cart sawtooth set they currently sell. Also would be great if they publish the max designed load limit of this set with ribbed tires. Thanks to aircraftspruce for their great support of our projects. Vladimir Blanshey eBirdman, TN

Vladimir B
September 15, 2017


Q: What is the load rating for the Azusalite nylon wheels?

It depends on what tires you are using. The wheels themselves have a load rating of up to 507 lbs. But if the tires are rated for less than the wheels, the wheels may fail at a lower rating.

Q: What is the weight of the Azusalite nylon 6 inch wheels?

The Azusalite 6 inch wheels (part # 06-02700) weigh approximately 1.82 lbs.

Q: Will the Azusa Tire/Tube #06-03000 work on the Azusalite 06-02700 wheel?

Yes, these will fit each other.

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