Part# 10-07652
MFR Model# RI-2024-1


Introducing the RADIANT Altimeter + VSI Combo, a must-have for any aviation enthusiast or professional pilot. With a bright and clear display, the instrument is available as either 2 1/4" or 3 1/8 panel cutouts.

This new Digital Altimeter has improvements in both value and price. It clearly displays altitude and vertical speed in both digital and replica analog format. We have also improved the internal numerical font representation, resulting in clear and visible digital numbers. Also improved is the size of the units, with availability for the larger 3 1/8 inch panel cutout. The overall thickness of the unit is also reduced to less than ½” (not including electrical connectors or bezel).

In a nutshell, this new product is similar to, yet distinct from, our older GEN-2 Digital Altimeter.It has an improved screen representation but does not include a barb adapter or an external temperature probe.

In addition, RADIANT is increasing its warranty period to three years for this new instrument, allowing more time for experimental builders to design their instrument panels with factory warranty support.

With clear and easy-to-read displays, this Altimeter + VSI Combo is designed to enhance cockpit visibility and improve situational awareness. Whether you're soaring through the skies for pleasure or conducting professional flights, this device is an essential tool for safer and more efficient aviation.
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Feature GEN2 Digital   Altimeter + VSI NEW Altimeter +   VSI COMBO
Part # RDAL-22-GEN2 RI-2024-1&2
Analog Dial   Atlimeter? YES YES
Digital Altimeter? YES YES
Settable Kollsman   Window? YES YES
VSI Analog? NO YES (small dial)
VSI Digital? YES YES
Altimeter   Calibration? YES YES
Density Altitude? YES NO
Barb Adapter? YES NO (uses cabin   pressure)
Outside Air Temp   (and Probe)? YES NO
2 1/4" panel   cutout? YES (enlarged   cutout YES (enlarged   cutout)
3   18" panel cutout? Adapter ring   available, not included YES (adapter ring   is included)
Range 0-20,000   ft/+/-2000 FPS SAME/SAME
Dimable Optional   potentiometer SAME/SAME


  • Unit weight of approximately 2 ounces (~57 grams).
  • Units are available for standard 2 0†4¡± or 3 1/8¡± panel cutouts
  • Power Requirement is 6.5 to 14 volts @ 125ma. These units will run off a 9-volt alkaline battery. The power must be externally switched, EG, through master avionics power switch.
  • For use in experimental and ultralight aircraft, may also be used in LSA aircraft with manufacturer approval.
  • Cases are 3D printed in black nylon.
  • Dimmable. (External potentiometer NOT included).
  • NEW 3 year warranty, allows more time to build panel and test.


Compared during flight and seem to be accurate to aircrafts altimeter.

Randy S Verified Purchase


June 4, 2024


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Q: Can pressure setting be in hPa (millibars) on this Radiant Altimeter + VSI Combo?

Yes, this is programmable in Milibars once you install it.

Q: Is this Radiant Altimeter + VSI Combo switchable ft / metric?

Yes, this is switchable to metric/meters.