Part# 11-08429


This is a replacement faceplate for the DayLite Series Aveo EyeBeam RGBW cockpit/overhead light. This faceplate is printed on a silver finish which matches the silver rim finish on the silver EyeBeam RGBW light, AVE-ENB3S-00A [Spruce part number 11-08444].

It similarly can be used on the black EyeBeam RGBW model, however, the rim of the light would still be black after application of this faceplate. Some people have preferred the two-tone effect of the black rim with a silver faceplate, and vice versa.

Application on the EyeBeam RGBW light requires either removal of the existing faceplate or application on top of the existing faceplate.
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Adhesive Sticker

  • The precut 3M adhesive sticker is double-sided for adhering a DayLite Series EyeBeam, EyeBeam RGBW or EyeBeam NVG replacement faceplate to the original EyeBeam RGBW or NVG unit.
  • Replacement faceplates for the EyeBeam NVG and the EyeBeam RGBW models are listed under Spruce part number 11-08428 for black and 11-08429 for silver.
  • It is used with either a black or silver EyeBeam faceplate. It must be properly aligned when installing in order for the capacitive touch to work properly.
  • The application of a precut 3M adhesive (double-sided) to secure the faceplate to the unit may be necessary if the original adhesive face has inadequate adhesion left after removing the original faceplate. It is possible to apply the replacement faceplate over the existing one, but the thickness of an additional layer can sacrifice the responsiveness of the touch capability. The part number for the 3M adhesive sticker is AVE-EBS2C-001 [Spruce part number 11-08129].
  • It would be wise to purchase this as an extra when buying the EyeBeam RGBW so that in the effect the faceplate on the unit gets damaged it can be readily changed with your spare one.



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