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Previously, pet owners who want to fly at altitude with their canine family members have had few choices. This has all changed thanks to Aerox® who have developed an aviation based supplemental oxygen system for pets. An estimated 60 million households have pets and many of those households fly and own aircraft.

Now you can take your pet with you at altitude thanks to AEROX and their new line of Canine 02 Mask supplemental oxygen system certified to 25,000 feet. The Aerox® Canine 02 supplemental oxygen system is currently available in 5 sizes:

Small - (Poodles, Shelties, Yorkies, Cavalier, Bichon Frise) Medium - ( Beagles, Keeshounds, Jack Russels, Standard Poodle) Large - (Cockers Spaniels, Springers, Beagles, Boston Terriers) X-Large - (Huskies, Labradors, Retrievers, Dobermans) Giant - (Great Danes, Newfies, St Bernards, 90-160 LBS)

The muzzle incorporates a medium concentration continuous flow oxygen mask and frontal mesh area for best ventilation and oxygen delivery to your pets mouth and nose. All components are manufactured to the same stringent standards as other Aerox® oxygen systems.

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Q: What size Aerox Pet Mask is recommended for a boxer or a golden doodle?

The best fit for these dogs would most likely be an X-Large. They may also be a large depending on the size of the individual dog.

Q: Do I need to connect an oxygen tank to the Aerox pet mask? If yes, which one is recommended?

Yes, this mask is designed to be hooked up to an Aerox oxygen system. If you search for "AEROX OXYGEN SYSTEMS", the first result will be the correct systems to choose from.

Q: I have an oxygen system manufactured by Mountain High rather than Aerox. Will this system be compatible?

It will work with the constant flow O2 system using the flowmeters. It won't work with the Pulse Demand system.

Q: What would I need to make this work with a Cirrus factory O2 system?

Per the vendor, it will work with the factory Cirrus system.

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